Reader Submission: Ghosts Everywhere

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“Many people believe that I am lying when I share this story, or and that I was too young to remember things. But they’re wrong.

The Good and the Bad

First, the the good…As a child, I could see ghosts. I was able to see my great grandma that died when I was six months old. I would talk to her all day long, and one day she was in the car with my grandma (her daughter). My great grandma wanted my grandma to know she was with her, so she asked me to tell her. My exact words were ‘Grandma, don’t be scared, but Grammy Pat is here.’ At that moment, both grandmas smiled ear to ear.

I could also see my uncle Billy (my dad’s brother). He had died at the age of 12 and loved to play tricks on my dad. My father worked nights so stayed with me during the day, and around lunch time every day my uncle Billy would open all the cabinets in the kitchen. The first time this happened, my dad came out with a very shocked look glued to his face. He asked if I had opened the cabinets, but I was only four and couldn’t reach them. After that first time the cabinets opened, I told my dad that it was his brother and he smiled every time it happened.

Now for the bad…The people my family didn’t see harassed me. They fed of all the anger and depression that ran through the house. And since I was the only one that saw them, the ghosts came to me. I remember lying in bed and listening to them yell and complain. Because of this, I often ran into my parents’ room to sleep.

The Thing in the Pool

There were many ghosts in that house, but there was one that I was most afraid of. He had no body, just a black smudge and an evil face that mocked me. One day we had a little family get together, and all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins were in the pool having fun. I put on my floaties and jumped into the deep end with my cousin. My cousin was saying something to me when I heard another voice, one that was deep and awful. I looked up and saw a hand coming toward my face. The next thing I knew, I was under water. I could feel my cousin trying to pull me up, but a stronger force pushed me down. After a seconds, the stronger force disappeared and my cousin pulled me up to the surface. I never went back into that pool. Four years later, my cousin’s father drowned. It didn’t make sense to anyone in the family because he was a trained swimmer and it happened in a pool. STRANGE.

Something tried to get my one-year-old brother as well. While I ate in the sun room one day, my aunt watched my little brother as he learned to walk. She crouched down, throwing her arms out and repeating, ‘Come here, baby boy, come here!’ As he stood with his baby legs, he looked at her then looked at the pool. Just as he took his first step toward her, he fell and tipped over near the pool. He began to sob, and a hand-shaped welt appeared on his check. My aunt hopped up to get him, but something pushed my brother into the water! Luckily, my aunt caught him before the water covered his face.

The house was clearly haunted. We eventually moved out, but I soon found out that ghosts are everywhere. I have SO MUCH MORE to say, but I just can’t write it all. I hope you can relate.”

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