Reader Submission: Poltergeist Problem?

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“As a kid, I was never really a true believer in the paranormal. It was more the enjoyment of being scared and doing Ouija boards with friends. Nothing really happened though. So when the following things started to occur I always sought a non-paranormal cause.

It began two years ago when I thought I woke up in the night. I was lying on my stomach, and it felt like someone was sitting or pressing down on my back. I was struggling to breathe. I then woke ‘properly,’ and I was lying in the same position as when something had been pressing me. I spoke to a family member who said I had experienced sleep paralysis, so I brushed the incident off.

Not long after, I’d say a month or so, I was again sleeping when I heard my underwear draw roll open. I drifted back to sleep. When I woke, sure enough, my drawer was open! I told my brother who was certain the cupboard must be on an angle or something and put a spirit level on it. It was indeed at a slight angle, but the opposite way so that the drawer should stay shut. This shook me a little, but I brushed it off as I had to sleep in there and I didn’t want to work myself up into a fearful state.

Then one evening myself and my brother were watching television in the living room downstairs when we heard a bang above. We muted the TV, but after a few moments nothing occurred so we put it down to the neighbors. About 15 minutes later, there was a loud crash. My dog started growling, so my brother grabbed a bat and ran upstairs, believing it to be a burglar. A few moments later, my brother called down to me saying I needed to see this. I went up, and yep, he was standing in my room and the books that had been on two shelves were now scattered all over the place.

At this point, I started to lose it and began to cry. My brother yelled at whatever it was, and I slept downstairs. Morning came, and I felt a little bit braver due to the daylight, so I went and picked up the books and resumed sleeping in my room.

The final incident happened a few months later. I was in the bath (the bathroom is directly opposite my room), and I had music playing from my phone. My dog lay on the floor just outside the bathroom door as always.

I’d been in 10 minutes or so when the dog started whining. I turned my music down and reassured him I was still there. Then he started growling, and I froze. I then heard him running towards my room (I have laminate flooring so I knew where he was). I jumped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around me and put my back to the door. I waited awhile, but got worried when my dog stopped growling but hadn’t come back. Fearing for my dog, I peeped around the door and saw him lying on the end of my bed, staring off to the right. Strangely enough, this is where the underwear drawer and book shelves are.

Nothing has happened since, and I would like to mention that I’d lived here my whole life (family home) and nothing has occurred. Also, I’m in my early twenties so it isn’t my imagination. I’m no longer scared and now find it intriguing. I often wonder what caused this bout of strange incidents and would like someone else’s opinion.”

Does anyone have advice for this reader?

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  1. “doing Ouija boards with friends” is definitely not a good thing. I am not an expert, but I know it allows unwanted and troublesome “entity”. Perhaps you can seek advice from a real expert having 35+ years experience of unseen, occult and paranormal.

    Here is the site link :

    You will be amazed !

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