Reader Submission: Visits from Zozo?

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“I don’t know if this is a ghost story because I technically don’t believe in ghosts, but here goes…

Let me start by saying that I do not have an opinion as to whether or not spirits exist. I am a Christian, and we do not own a Ouija board! We do, however, have the odd ability to predict events and very accurate intuition in various members of our family.

Last September we moved into a new home. Initially, both children refused to take one of the bedrooms for an unknown reason (they just didn’t want it). We gave it to our 3 (now 4)-year-old, thinking he’d put up less of a fight.

We settled in and shortly thereafter, our son refused to sleep in his room. We would find him in various places of the house, desperately claiming there were ‘monsters’ in his room. We initially thought this to be just a childish fear and brushed it off. The only odd thing I noticed was that both cats slept under the right window of his room. We put the letters ADAM above his dresser, and the next day my oldest showed me that the A had fallen and it now said DAM. We laughed.

Shortly thereafter, our 4-year-old told us that the monster came in through his right window at night. He described the monster as the ‘puppet man’ because there was something on his hand trying to tell him stories, but the man does not talk ‘through his mouth.’ Our son described the man as large, with a hairy face. In my son’s descriptions, the man did not hurt or touch him, but continuously tried to ‘tell stories’ or ‘talk to him.’ When asked what the ‘puppet man’ wanted, my son replied ‘to talk with me.’ My son also felt like this monster was ‘invading’ his space. It has been months, and yet my son will still not sleep in the room. My son tells me that the monster will not cross the doorway of his room because he can’t.

A little while later, he asked me if I had somehow come home from work (I work nights), put a ladder under his right window, climbed through the window, and sat Indian style on the floor next to his bed. When he asked who it was, the visitor said ‘I’m a mommy.’ I informed him that it wasn’t me, and he stated, ‘I didn’t think she was actually you.’ This mommy wears a black dress and has dark hair. I think she is white skinned. He does not fear her as much as the ‘puppet man,’ and his fear of the room lessened some after her appearance.

Within the last few weeks, my son has started to claim there is a 10-year-old boy named Michael around. When Michael’s there, my son does come out of his room. We’ve heard my son talking to this Michael and playing with him. He pretends to interact with Michael. He appears to appreciate Michael’s presence and even offers him toys. He describes Michael’s skin as orange-brown, and he has black hair. Within the last few days, he’s been telling me that Michael has a woman (possibly mother) named Zozo. The woman is pinker skinned with black and yellow hair. Clearly, she’s associated with Micheal. He’s been using the name Zozo so frequently, that I decided to Google it just to see if there was a cartoon character with that name or to find another a logical reason for the name Zozo to keep coming up.

I am a little concerned and frightened that it is suggested that this Zozo is a spirit entity. I’m not sure what to think of my son’s strange ‘monsters.’ However, if such a think does exist, should I be concerned for his safety?”

Have you had a run in with Zozo? Share your story here!

I Am Zozo

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  1. Please don’t brush it off. If you have Christisn beliefs I encourage you to contact your spiritual congregation leader. This sounds like something that can bring harm.
    I wish you the best and God be with you.

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