Is South Carolina’s Poinsett Bridge Haunted?

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America is full of historic bridges, and nearly all of them have a ghostly reputation. Such is the case with the Poinsett Bridge in Landrum, SC, a 195-year-old bridge said to be the site of mysterious lights, strange sounds and frightening apparitions. But are the stories true or are they nothing more than local lore?

History of Poinsett Bridge

Built in 1820, Poinsett Bridge is the oldest surviving span in South Carolina. The bridge was once part of a road that connected Charleston and Columbia to the mountain communities of North Carolina. It’s now the titular landmark in the 120-acre Poinsett Bridge Heritage Preserve in Landrum, SC. Thought to be designed by the same architect who designed the Washington Monument, Poinsett Bridge is a popular tourist attraction and is listed on the United States’ National Register of Historic Places.

Poinsett Bridge Haunted?

Unlike some ‘haunted bridges,’ Poinsett Bridge has no clear backstory. One legend claims a lynched slave haunts the span, while another attributes the haunting to Indians and lost burial grounds. A third legend claims a mason died during the bridge’s construction and is now entombed inside. To my knowledge, there’s no historical evidence to support any of these stories.

Historical evidence or not, many people think something strange is afoot at Poinsett Bridge. One paranormal investigation team noted unexplained red and white lights in the vicinity of the bridge, while a photo revealed a “mist of man-sized proportion.” That same team recorded an EVP that sounded like a human heartbeat.

Another team reported significant EMF spikes which is notable as the bridge is in a remote mountain area with no power lines. They also saw a large white figure that one woman believed to be the spirit of an Indian shaman.

Other creepy reported incidents include unexplained screams, eerie moans, malfunctioning equipment, and cars that won’t start after a visit.

Is Poinsett Bridge truly haunted? Or can the spooky tales be explained? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

PS: My family and I visited Poinsett Bridge yesterday afternoon. Nothing happened, but it was a nice visit. If you’re in the area, I recommend checking it out.

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