Reader Submission: The Ouija Boy


“My friend and I moved into an apartment about two weeks ago. On our first night here, I had a vivid dream that a little boy (around 10-12 years old) stood by my bedroom door and watched me sleep, all the while coming closer and closer. The next day, I told my friend about it. We are both very interested in the supernatural so we decided to get out a Ouija board out and see if it was real.

We contacted a spirit that said it was the boy. He said he had died in our apartment building, in room 308. That room is just down the hall from us. We talked to it a bit and it seemed nice. We eventually said goodbye and went to sleep.

The next day we used the Ouija board again because our friend came over and wanted to try it. The spirit we got didn’t like me because I’m a woman. It even spelled out the word b*tch. The planchette kept moving off the board and towards me, across the table. We asked it if it was obsessed with me, and it said yes. My friend decided to ask if it was the boy we talked to yesterday. It said yes. We said goodbye and put the board away.

That night I had the most vivid dream I can ever remember having. The boy was standing by my door again watching me sleep, and he would disappear every time I looked up. Finally, he didn’t disappear. He just stood there staring at me. I asked ‘what do you want?’ He pointed at me. I then got up and walked towards him. He handed me a piece of paper with two words written on it. He wanted me to say the words out loud. I felt like if I did it would either allow him to possess me or to cross through somehow. I refused, and he got angry. Then he left, and I ran to my friend’s room. He was acting weird and wouldn’t listen to me. I knew I was in a dream and tried to wake up, but I couldn’t. Then my dream changed and I was back in bed and the boy was watching me again. Eventually, my dream changed.

The next day I told my friend what happened, and he looked up prayers of protection and other protective things. We used the Ouija one last time. We asked it what it wanted and it said it wanted my soul. We asked who wants it and it said the devil. It also said it was a demon. We asked it to say goodbye, but it wouldn’t. My friend said ‘In the name of Michael the archangel, I command you to close the door.’ The planchette shot to goodbye.

We said a few protection prayers or spells and tried to cleanse the house with what we had. We burned some bay leaves and put a bay leaf above my door. We put a mini willow tree in my room because it’s supposed to be protective in some way. It’s been about four days and I haven’t had a dream like that since, but I still don’t feel like I’m quite in the clear.”

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  1. Ouija Boards are dark magik. Period. There are ways to rid yourself of the board once you’ve opened that “gateway” but my memory fails me. I think you have to bury it.

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