Ghost Photo: Real Ghost or Poster Child?


Last week, posted this photo with the following explanation:

“Anastassia Perets was flipping through an old family album when she stumbled across a photo of herself taken when she was four years old (she’s the one in the spunky red pants). In the background, another child appears to be opening a door. Seems normal enough. But there was no little girl there—well, not living at least.”

While the magazine implies the blonde girl in the background is a ghost, critics aren’t so sure. Many point out that the blonde child appears oddly flat, as if she’s part of a poster or photo glued to the wall. Others point out that the child bears a striking resemblance to Poltergeist’s Carol Anne or a girl from a V.C. Andrew’s cover (Flowers in the Attic or My Sweet Audrina). What do you believe?

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One thought on “Ghost Photo: Real Ghost or Poster Child?

  1. Definitely appears to be fake. I would say it is a poster. The size of the “ghost child” is off. It appears to be the same size as the living girl in the foreground. You would think the ghost child would be a little smaller since it is in the background.

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