Reader Submission: Haunted in Seattle

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“In the early 1980s, I lived in a house in the West Seattle neighborhood of Seattle, WA. My girlfriend told me of things happening in the house, but at the time I never saw anything. Shortly before we broke up, however, I saw more than I could imagine and things I will never forget.

Early one morning, I was awakened by her yelling at me to get up. I walked into the living room to a most chaotic scene. The chandelier was swinging in a wide arc, the TV was changing channels very quickly, and the lights were dimming and then getting very bright. My girlfriend immediately grabbed her two kids and exited the house. When she did, all of the activity stopped except for the swinging chandelier. I was curiously not afraid and watched the chandelier in fascination for about 10 minutes. I finally stopped it, took a shower, and went to work. When I got into my car, my hand was shaking so badly I couldn’t get the key in the ignition.

After that, the back door to the house would be open every morning. I am a habitual door locker, and that door was securely closed and locked every night. I finally boarded it shut.

Sometime later, my girlfriend’s 5-year-old boy told me about a friend he sometimes played with in the backyard. He insisted he could see the friend, but I never saw anyone. Could this have been the ghost?”

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