Reader Submission: Ouija Zozo

“A spontaneous decision led my friends and I to try Ouija for the first time. My friend Christian said, ‘Hey dude, wanna try a Ouija board? We’ll be bored if we don’t.’ Who could argue with a solid statement like that?

So I went with my friend Christian, and another guy, and two girls to an old iron furnace in what used to be the town of Fitchburg. Fitchburg was a furnace and railroad community that was abandoned in the 1950s. I had read about several life ending-accidents at the furnace, and because of my attitude and skepticism towards the board, I decided that the furnace would be the best place to try.

We arrived around eleven at night and set up the board, a table, and candles inside the main center column. Christian and one of the girls got on the board and started asking questions. At first, we got nothing, but after ten minutes the planchette started moving. This freaked both Christian and the girl out, but they continued at Christian’s request.

The board claimed to be the spirit of a little girl who had died in a train accident many years ago. What started off as a ‘friendly’ spirit quickly turned more aggressive and told us to leave repeatedly. Christian kept trying to ask the spirit questions, but it would just spell out “LEAVE”. Eventually, it creeped everyone out enough to end the session. The other guy who was with us said he heard a low growling noise. But in all honesty, that guy gets scared if the wind blows, so he is hardly credible in this situation.

After ending the session, we quickly packed up the board and walked out of the furnace and back to our cars. About halfway there, one of the girls (the one who was on the board) began to feel nauseous and dizzy. As we approached the gate, she broke into a seizure. I am a CNA and was trained to deal with the situation and was very thankful for my training afterwards. While I was trying to hold her head during the worst of the seizure, I kept looking back towards the furnace. In the center column where we had just been, I saw the shadow of a tall man. When we looked in his direction, he didn’t move or disappear. He, or it, just stood there.

At this point, the other girl was crying, and we were all shaken up. We quickly left and as soon as we were officially off Fitchburg land, the girl who’d had a seizure calmed down, stopped hyperventilating, and regained her focus. She eventually feel asleep on my shoulder.

The Second Time
That was the first time we used a Ouija board. The second time was with different people and at a different location. In total, there were six of us that night, and our friend Jacob allowed us to use his apartment. We set up in his guest room (where supposedly one of our friends had seen shadows by the closet), and four of us got on the board.

We made contact rather quickly and had a good time asking questions for about an hour. We then took a break from the board, and when we came back we made contact with a stronger spirit. It claimed to be the deceased grandpa of our friend Levi. We asked if it was in the house and it said ‘bathroom.’ We asked if it would reveal itself to Levi, and it said it would. Levi left the circle and went to the bathroom and stood for several minutes in complete darkness. We kept telling the spirit to reveal itself and after a long silence and no answer from the board, both faucet handles on the sink turned on and water came rushing out. Something also fell off the shelf and onto the floor. Levi immediately ran out of the bathroom, shaking, saying he was done with the house and wanted to leave. After Levi and his girlfriend left, nothing else happened so we soon left ourselves. Jordan later told me that Levi woke up to strange sounds and nightmares that night.

The Third Time
The next night, we tried again. Three of the same people came back, including myself, Christian, and Jacob. This time, our very skeptical friend Carson wanted to come along. We made contact quickly and began talking to a spirit. After a while, the board started acting strangely with the planchette moving in weird patterns. We asked for the spirit’s name, and the planchette started going from Z to O, Z to O. I had read about the ‘Zozo phenomenon’ before, so I quickly recognized what was happening and told my friends we should end the session. I now believe that every spirit we contacted was Zozo going by a different name.

The spirit(s) began lying and trying to deceive and scare us. They would say they were in the house, or behind a door, or at the front door trying to get in. Believe me, it had a scary effect on us. Carson and I went everywhere in the house the spirit said it was and tried to get some sort of sign. However, all we got were cold spots and terrible feelings every time we walked away from the board.

Christian and Jacob stayed on the board for hours and supposedly talked to five different ‘friendly’ spirits. One really scared Jacob. The spirit called itself ‘Mara’ (I later learned that Mara is a demon) and said it was following him and wanted to ‘freak him out.’ It also kept saying it was in the room beside him. After several more terrifying answers, we decided to end the session. We left the house that night and none of us slept well.

I am not scared easily, but coming in contact with Zozo has kept me looking over my shoulder and always checking rooms twice. Could the spirit have possibly followed one of us home? Was it honest about following our friend? I can’t answer these questions, but maybe next time we use the board (if there is a next time) we can find out everything we want to know.”

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    • That´s not true at all, I have contacted him many times, only once was it by accident. He is one of the strongest there is, and it´s not joke when you summon him. Ive been doing this for years, Ive even contacted my personal demon

  1. It is completely impossible to disprove the existence of something. And Zozo communication through a spirit board had been documented LONG before the movie “Zozo” was created.

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