Reader Submission: Babysitter Ghost Story


“I babysat my 11-year-old niece last Friday night (April 24th). I’ve watched her numerous times with no issue, but this Friday was different.

My niece had just taken a bath and was in her room getting into her pajamas when she suddenly ran downstairs. When I asked what was up, she said she’d heard me knock on her bedroom door and wondered what I wanted. I told her I hadn’t knocked and that she must have misheard. I then told her to get the hair dryer out of her mom’s room so I could dry her hair.

A few minutes later, she came down with no hair dryer claiming she couldn’t open the door. I went up and had no problem opening the door and getting the hairdryer. I returned to dry her hair and told her to stop acting up. She’d recently had a few things taken away for misbehaving, so thought she was acting out. I dried her hair, and as it was a Friday, I let her stay up a little later than usual to watch the end of a film.

After the movie was over, I sent my niece upstairs to bed and told her I’d soon be up with a drink. But she again came downstairs, this time saying that she couldn’t open HER door. I was beginning to get annoyed, so I took her upstairs to show her that the door opened just fine.

But when I got there, I couldn’t push the handle down. It was if someone was pushing it up or holding it steady. I don’t normally believe in the paranormal so I assumed my niece had done something to the handle, which she denied. Half way through trying to figure out what was going on, I heard a noise from the door, like someone had removed their weight.

At this point I was nervous, so I told my niece to go downstairs, unlock the front door, and stand near it with my phone. If I screamed, she was to run next door and call the police. I then opened her bedroom door, turned on the light, and looked inside.

No one was there and the window was shut. I then checked under the bed and in the wardrobe….nothing. I went back downstairs and called my sister, but she wasn’t worried. She said it was probably due to old doors and frames and that she’d be back by midnight. I took my niece up to bed and left the lamp on for her.

About 20 minutes later, my niece came downstairs crying. Once I got her to calm down, she said the lamp had turned off and she’d felt a breeze on her face. I said it was nothing to worry about and that the lamp was probably broken but that she could stay up and wait for her mom.

Just as I was heading up to get her duvet, a door slammed upstairs. I waited several minutes at the top of the stairs, scared and debating what to do, when I finally darted into my niece’s room and grabbed the duvet. As I was shutting the door, her room lit up. It must have been the lamp as it wasn’t too bright. I ran downstairs and said not to worry. An hour later, her door slammed again though I was sure I had shut it earlier. When her mom returned and went upstairs, the light was off and the door open.

My sister believes that my niece must have watched a horror movie and her fear set off my imagination. But I can honestly say I didn’t imagine a thing.”

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