Reader Submission: Ghostnado


“It was a dark and stormy night about three years ago in a suburb of Oklahoma City.  My girlfriend and I were watching TV at her grandmother’s house when we heard a loud boom. Suddenly, the lights went out and all we could hear was the beat of rain and the roar of wind.

No more than a minute after the lights went out, we heard a roaring that sounded like a tornado.  It was just us there and we ran and hid in the bathtub with a blanket over the top of us. After about two minutes, it got quiet. Then, the lights and television came back on.

We checked the news, but there was no report of a tornado near us. Gary England didn’t even mention bad weather in the area. I felt the house shaking, so I went outside to take a look.

I turned on the light to the back yard and saw that plastic cups were still on the patio table and that all the plastic chairs were upright. Everything was dry.

One thing was different though. On the table outside was an unfamiliar watch, still with the right time even.  My girlfriend took the watch inside, and the next day her grandmother told her it was her grandfather’s watch and that she hadn’t seen it in a long time.

So, basically, it was ghost tornado that never happened.”

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