Reader Submission: Haunted Military House

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“When I was 22, I moved to Trenton, Ontario into military housing. There was a corner in the basement that I didn’t feel right going into, but other than that I didn’t feel anything out of the ordinary.

I lived there three years, and every October the front door would open during the night. I double checked it over and over the first year, thinking that I was losing my mind, only to wake up to the door wide open. Even stranger, my pets never escaped.

The first year was frustrating, but after that I got used to it as there was no harm done. During the last year, however, things started to happen at other times. It started with the bread on top of the fridge being on the floor when I got home. Strangely, my dogs never ate it. In fact, they’d be cowering in the corner when I got home.

Then I started to smell smoke in the spare room, like someone was smoking in there, but no one was ever inside. Also, the door to the spare room would be open every time I turned the corner. I would have chalked it up to air pressure, except that when I’d go to close the door, it would open again.

One day, I felt something pull the door open as I tried to close it. I continued to pull the door close, but it kept opening, and I started yelling, ‘No, I want it closed!’ My boyfriend came to see what I was yelling about, and I got him to try closing the door, but it was once again pulled open.

At this point, I was sure of a spirit’s presence. Hundreds of people had lived in the house due to it being military. One day, I was in a field behind the house with my neighbors. I looked towards my house and saw a man inside with his hand against the window. I yelled, “Hey, there’s a man in my house!” I ran to the house to confront the man, and my neighbor joined me. We searched every inch of the house, but found no one. I went to the window where I had seen him and there was an imprint as though someone had been kneeling on my micro-suede couch. I quickly rubbed the impression off.

One more event happened that scared me, which is rare because I tend to welcome spirits. I had two packs of earrings on the end table in the living room. One was face up and one was face down with the tops touching each other. I was going to put some in when my neighbor asked me to bring my dogs out. I came back 30 minutes later, and the earrings were gone.

I had just gotten a kitten and blamed her. I searched every inch of the house and even followed the kitten with the hope that she’d go to them. I didn’t find the earrings. My boyfriend got home and scoured the house in case I’d missed them. Nothing. Two nights later, I got up because I felt sick to my stomach. I got a glass of apple juice and set it on the end table as I watched TV. There was nothing on the table but the juice and a lamp. I grabbed my glass and took a sip and when I went to put it back down, the earrings were not only there but in the exact position that I had left them. I screamed because I was terrified that this could happen right beside me and I didn’t even feel the spirit there. The one thing I can say is that it was just as keen on spatial placement as I was.”

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