The Best EMF Meters for Ghost Hunting

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Electromagnetic field (EMF) meters are among the most common tools in ghost hunting. But which EMF readers are best for capturing evidence of the paranormal? Here’s some basic information about EMF readers and their use in paranormal investigations.

Best EMF Meters for Paranormal Investigations

Electricians and property owners use electromagnetic field meters to measure EMFs in homes or businesses. However, many paranormal investigators believe the meters can also detect ghosts. The theory is that spikes in EMFs mean a spirit is near, so many ghost hunters use EMF readers in search of the paranormal. However, as exposure to high-level EMFs can cause dizziness, nausea, anxiety, and hallucinations, EMF meters can also be used to DISPROVE the existence ghosts.

K-II EMF Meters

One popular tool is a K-II EMF meter. Unlike some sensors, K-IIs are easy to use and instantly respond to EMF fluctuations or spikes. Investigators can turn the meter on or off at the push of a button and determine signal strength by glancing at the tool’s color-coded LED lights. Generally speaking, a green light indicates a low EMF signal while a red light indicates a high one. K-II EMF meters are best for amateur ghost hunters or investigators who want a low-maintenance tool that is durable and responsive. Here are some user reviews from Amazon.

K-II EMF Meter for Ghost Hunting – “We selected the K-II as the meter of choice to use on our ghost tours. They’re easy to use at night, the intensity of the readings is displayed using different colored LEDs that are easily seen, and they don’t make annoying beeping noises that are distracting for tours and annoying on EVPs.”

K-II EMF Meter Deluxe w/ Special Paranormal Use Manual – “I purchased this one for a friend of mine that lives outside of New Orleans. She took it to a cemetery and so far is very happy with it.”

K2 KII EMF Meter Duo 2 K-II Ghost Meter – “Used it on a ghost tour in a lunatic asylum and everything worked well…got some good hits and even ones that correlated with the flash light coming on. I believe in ghosts!”

Best-Selling EMF Meters


Of course, K-II meters aren’t the only EMF readers around. Developed by an electrical engineer in 2008, Mel-Meters detect a range of electromagnetic and temperature changes and are billed as “the only professional measurement instrument line designed exclusively for paranormal enthusiasts.” Gary Galka designed the devices after his daughter, Melissa, died in a car accident. Ghost Adventures featured Gary and his wife in a 2012 episode.

Ghost hunters, what EMF reader do you recommend for investigations?

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