Reader Submission: Operation Horror

Creepy Hospital

“I’ve had my fair share of surgeries, 13 to be exact, due to my cancer, osteocarcoma. Surgery for me is usually an easy thing with little to no complications. I never had a problem, though there is one horrific scene I wish I could forget.

Back in the days when my life span was questionable, surprise operations were not uncommon. One dreadful day, they were operating on a port malfunction that occurred unexpectedly late one October night. Surgery at three a.m. is not ideal, but on the rare occasion, it must be performed by dutiful surgeons. Before inhaling the anesthesia that would  leave me unconscious, a black mass started to fill the room.

Once the oxygen mask was on, I tried to focus on my parents’ faces as they slowly morphed into blankness, all the while praying that everything would go well, secretly trying not to freak out. I woke up before I was supposed to and was told later that they were stitching me up when I woke up for a short while. I became agitated and was screaming my head off and cussing out my beloved doctors while thrashing around violently, not normal behavior for me. They could not explain how I woke up, just that I did and I could see they were reluctant to tell my parents this.

The second time I woke up, I was all alone in a dark room, unusual because my parents would stay with me constantly. A dark figure hovered over me and began to laugh manically. The creepy part was that he was in a bloody mask and was hairy all over his body and had two small horns poke out of his head. Panicked, I tried to move or scream but was unable to. He just stared at me with his red, evil eyes, and I eventually passed out again.

I do not believe this was a dream because I have never remembered a dream during surgery, nor have I ever hallucinated before. I have never had a problem during surgery before or since, though I have had other paranormal experiences, and I’ve always wondered if it could be the same demonic entity.¬† This all took place in Colorado at a hospital in downtown Denver. Though I am quite a bit older now, this memory has always spooked me. God Bless.”

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  1. I have recently experienced seeing a black Smokey object operating out of thin air it would tell another that it was going to get me it would rattle my doors windows it would shake the house I would feel nauseated and like a deep sleep wanted to take me down m ty circle would shake rock back and forth and the whole electrical system. Would go crazy the electric door locks would try to unlock violently

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