Reader Submission: Call from a Ghost?

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My son Jason passed away last July. He was 29 years old, and his death was unexpected. He had recently discharged from the army and had been residing with me for the last 15 months. I found him in his room when I opened the door. I had so many unanswered questions.

Well today, June 14th, 2015, I was sleeping in the living room because my five-year-old grandson was spending the night. We didn’t go to bed until 5 a.m., and I awoke to my cell phone ringing. The phone wasn’t near me, it was over on the kitchen table, so I didn’t make it to the phone in time to answer. When I picked it up, I expected to see my other son’s name, thinking he was checking in to see if my grandson was up yet. However, when I looked at the phone it said I had a missed call from Jason.

The call was from his phone number, and the phone said there was a voice mail. So, with shaking hands, I called back. But there was nothing, just dead silence. I said hello and there was no response. The line stayed open until I finally hung up.

My son’s cell phone has been disconnected for 11 months now and sits in my drawer. Even if someone else was given his number, they certainly wouldn’t have his contact list to get my number.

I am a big-time skeptic, never believing ghost stories, but I have no explanation whatsoever. I told my other grown children and my daughter even came over to see the number for herself on my missed call list. This happened at exactly 7:02 a.m.

I don’t know how, or why, but I would love to believe it was my son calling me from heaven. He is still in my contact list and the ringer I had assigned to him was not the ring I heard this morning.”

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