Truth or Legend? Ghost Children Haunt Texas Railroad Crossing

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In a wooded area just south of San Antonio, lies a nondescript railroad crossing. Legend has it several children died on the tracks and now aid stalled vehicles. But is the story true or is it nothing more than an urban legend?

The Legend

On a bleak, rainy day in the 1930s (or perhaps 1940s) a crowded school bus stalled at a railroad crossing near San Antonio, TX. A train roared closer, and though the engineer desperately tried to stop, it was too late. The train plowed into the school bus, killing a dozen children (give or take). Nowadays, if someone stops their vehicle on the same tracks, an unseen force will push the car to safety. If the person dusts their bumper with baby powder and then stops on the tracks, small hand prints will appear. It seems the children killed all those years ago want to save others from suffering the same fate, or so the story goes.

The Truth

Though reports of moving cars and ghost prints persist, the school bus accident never happened, at least not in Texas. If such an accident had occurred, it would have certainly appeared in newspapers. Yet, no articles exist. However, a horrific bus-train accident did occur in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 1938, 26 children died after a train struck their bus which had stalled on the tracks. The accident resulted in days of nationwide coverage, and researchers believe this incident inspired the San Antonio legend.

While the accident back story may be false, what about the mysterious movement of visitors’ cars? Could the paranormal be to blame? Not likely. The San Antonio tracks slope slightly downwards, meaning gravity, not ghosts, move the vehicles. And the hand prints? It’s far more likely the powder reveals old prints left by the living, not the dead.

Tales of gravity hills and haunted railroad tracks are not uncommon (complete with ghost children and doomed school buses). Though the San Antonio story is the most famous, similar stories can be found around the country.

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