Reader Submission: The Unseen Passenger

police car

“I had a call one day that really sticks with me. We had a frequent flier that we’d visited plenty of times for every complaint in the book. Well, one night we got called to her apartment after she complained of back pain.

On our arrival, she said that the pain had been going on for months, but that the ‘people in her room’ told her not to call. The thing is…she lived alone. She also said that they could see me, but that they didn’t like me because I was helping her.

I had my Captain look around the apartment to make sure there wasn’t anyone around and that the scene was safe. It was empty. Then, during the transport, she looked over into the empty seat next to her and said ‘Oh, that looks terrible. What happened to you? Well, I’m so sorry. I’m glad you aren’t in pain anymore.’ Then she turns to me and said, ‘He’s scary looking.’ She didn’t know that a few hours prior we had been called to a fatal and really gruesome car vs. semi-truck accident.

Come to find out, the woman had stage 4 brain cancer, and she passed away that night. To this day, I still wonder what she saw. Who was riding in the squad with me and my partner?”

This story pulled from the comments section of “Real EMTs Share True Ghost Stories

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