Reader Submissions: 3 True Haunted House Stories

spooky house

In the mood for a haunting read? Here are three chilling tales submitted by Ghosts and Ghouls readers. We’ve got Ouija-induced terror, disembodied screams, and a haunted chalkboard. Pleasant dreams!

Chalk It Up to a Ghost

“When I was about 10 years old, I was convinced that there was the ghost of a little girl in my room. I would talk to her every night, and even though she wouldn’t respond, I always knew she was there.

One night I decided I wanted her to respond to me, so I looked all over my room for a piece of paper, but I couldn’t find one. Instead I pulled out an old, tiny, dusty chalkboard from my closet and set it on my bed next to a piece of chalk. I wasn’t quite sure what to ask, so I just said, “Um, so how many years have you been dead? Write your answer on the chalkboard if you are really here.’ Not thinking it would work, I fell asleep.

The next morning I got up, and looked at the chalkboard. There was no writing on it, so I picked it up to put it back in my closet. When I was walking there, the chalkboard hit the light. You could clearly see, written in the dust, the number 111. I don’t try to communicate with her anymore.”

Aged Cries

“One morning a couple of weeks back, I woke up and grabbed my phone. About an hour later, I started hearing footsteps coming towards my door. I went and checked, but nothing was there. I got back in bed, and and then the scariest thing in my life happened. I heard a little girl say ‘Help me!’ In shock, I sat there, and again I heard a voice, but instead of a little girl I heard a middle-aged woman shout ‘HELP ME!’ I couldn’t move, and then heard a really old woman scream “HELP ME!” I got up and ran out of my bedroom. Thankfully, nothing like that has ever happened again.”

Bump in the Night

“When I was a teenager, some friends and I went to an old abandoned house and took a Ouija board with us. We all went upstairs to the attic, sat on the floor in a circle, and turned off all the lights. Now there was NOTHING inside this house except the six of us, four girls and two guys.

We started asking the board questions, but it wasn’t working. A couple of us girls wondered if some of us were moving the planchette on purpose, but everybody insisted they weren’t. A bad thunderstorm suddenly came up, and the lightning was really bad. There was even a scary old tree right next to the window, just like inĀ  horror movie! About then, someone asked the ‘ghost’ or whatever to show itself. All of a sudden, we heard what sounded like something really heavy hitting the floor! Everybody screamed and jumped up and ran toward the light switch! When we turned on the light, there was NOTHING on the floor.

We left right after that, and we never went back. I don’t know about my friends, but I never touched an Ouija board after that!”

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