Reader Submission: Bumps in the Night

shadow men

“My little brother committed suicide on June 13th, 2015. It was a very sad and very hard time for me. We were living together, and I was trying to help him get on his feet, but it was obviously no help.

On Sept 13th, 2015, I woke up at midnight to go to the bathroom. I heard tapping on the door and the handle jiggled. I figured it was my wife trying to come in, so I opened the door but no one was there. I went to the room, and she was sound asleep. I ignored it and passed out.

The next day, I moved to a different town with my parents. That night I went to bed at midnight and fell asleep. I woke up to my bed shaking. Every time I fell asleep, my bed would vibrate or shake. I eventually passed out one hour before my alarm went off for work.

Around midnight on September, 15th 2015,  I went to bed and then heard footsteps outside my room. I got up to investigate, but found nothing. Then, my bathroom door slowly closed and my curtains slowly opened. I was so scared I froze. Then, someone peeked around my door. I got out my phone and took a picture. In the picture, there is a solid-looking orb at the foot of my bed.

Today, I was with my best friend and I went to get a motor for my truck. We started talking about my brother and played his favorite song. The song ended, and we played three different songs. After that, the CD went right back my brother’s song. We listened to it and then a country song played. Right as the song played, a soda can in the back seat crushed.

I’m freaked out. What’s happening? Do I need help?”

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  1. Could be your brother but a lot of times there are hauntings just because of the negative energy a suicide creates and feeds on. I suggest getting. A physic or paranormal team to investigate. Remain vigilante!!!!!,

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