Ghost Photo: Penn Theater Spirits?

picture of alleged ghost faces

A reader writes:

“These photos were taken at Penn Theater located on North Main Street in Butler, PA. I took them in June 2016, in front of the old projector on the second floor. There is no glass or any obstruction in front of the projector where I took the pictures. I took them both in the same location and only a few seconds apart. I used my Galaxy S7 edge to take the photos.

In one picture I took, the ‘green things’ are not present. I included this picture to show that nothing was visible in the area. Nothing was changed, lighting or otherwise, between the two pictures. I did adjust myself a little to not include the light from the bright spotlight from below. I do not see how this could cause the ‘green things’ to appear though. All of the people in the theater were in the projector room with me.”

The Penn Theater is an old movie theater that originally opened in Butler in 1938 and is now under extensive renovation. What do you think of the photos? Ghostly orbs or a trick of light?

penn theater photo

Uncropped “green things” photo


Photo of same area without the “green things”

3 thoughts on “Ghost Photo: Penn Theater Spirits?

  1. i saw this photo – then looked at pics i took earlier in the year and there is one of those glowing green things in my pic as well – totally different seat.

  2. What is not mentioned, and is most likely even more significant, is the violet flame on the left wall of the photo with the orbs. AMAZING.

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