Ghost Photo: Tree Spirit

The photos above recently appeared in Reddit’s r/paranormal. The OP writes:

“These photos were taken in quick succession on the night of the abnormally large full moon. By quick succession, I mean approximately two seconds. Being a skeptic, I would have any other time assumed it to be a Photoshop job; but these particular family members are of an older generation that haven’t even heard of the program. The family that captured this photo has a motion-sensor light that is triggered at all hours of the night.”

What do you make of the ghostly figure? See an enlarged image below.

One thought on “Ghost Photo: Tree Spirit

  1. The photos have supposedly been taken 2 seconds apart, yet have different focal properties. The tree in the first photo has more light and detail than the tree in the second photo. There are many subtle differences between the two photos. Main point being the foreground in the second photo is a more out of focus and a little darker than the first photo. This isn’t consistent with a camera shooting rapidly on the same settings. Its more than a little convenient that the “figure” appears in the second photo,where the foreground is more ambiguously conducive to a grainy darker amorphous form.

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