7 Haunted Places in Oklahoma

A rejected maid, a ghostly child, a ghastly woman in white. Oklahoma is home to several terrifying spirits. Here are seven places to find them.

Skirvin Hotel – Oklahoma City

oklahoma city's skirvin hotel

Built in 1911, Oklahoma City’s Skirvin Hotel is reportedly haunted by a former maid named Effie. According to local legend, Effie jumped to her death with a baby in her arms after the hotel’s owner and child’s father, W.B. Skirvin, locked her in a room to prevent a scandal. The spurned maid is now said to roam the hotel, slamming doors, peeping at men in the shower, and even propositioning male guests. Guests also report awakening to the sound of a wailing baby.

Oklahoma City Zoo

Legend has it a pale woman with long, black hair lurks inside the behind-the-scenes area of the zoo’s aquatic area. Famed psychic Chip Coffey even stopped by the zoo in 2011 to talk about the rumored haunting. However, many local researchers say the legend is completely unfounded.

Belvidere Mansion – Claremore

The stately Belvidere Mansion was once home to the widowed Mary Bayless and her seven children. Though the family left the mansion in 1919, some say their spirits returned. Guests and staff report hearing disembodied voices in empty rooms, seeing hazy figures in the halls, and feeling chilled by unexplained cold spots.

Cain’s Ballroom – Tulsa

Built in 1924, Cain’s Ballroom is a historic music venue that has hosted hundreds of performers. Some say it also plays host to ghosts. Reports of disembodied giggling, singing, and whispering are not uncommon. Some visitors have claimed to see full-bodied apparitions and shadow people.

Mitchell Hall Theatre – Edmond

Like most theaters, the University of Central Oklahoma’s Mitchell Hall is reportedly home to a ghost or two. Strange activity includes the sounds of people walking across the stage when no one is around, voices coming from empty areas of the theatre, and eerie feelings of being watched.

Pucketts Wrecker Service – Oklahoma City

In 2002, young mother Tracy Martin died in an automobile accident. Eighteen days after her death, a staff member at Puckett’s Wrecker Services saw a transparent white figure floating on the business’s security monitor (screenshot above). The staff at Puckett’s believe the figure was Tracy searching for her red truck which the business had recently moved. Tracy’s husband agreed the figure was her and even showed the video to the couple’s children. The story made international headlines and was featured in an episode of My Ghost Story.

Stone Lion Inn – Guthrie

Built in 1907, the stately Stone Lion Inn was once the home to a wealthy businessman and his large family. One of the family’s 12 children died there and reportedly makes his presence known by crying in the night and moving objects around. The inn also served as a funeral home which may explain other strange activity at the property. This activity includes everything from doors that open and close on their own to pipe-smoking apparitions and a mysterious ball that rolls down the hall. Stone Lion has such a reputation that Ghost Adventures investigated the inn for an episode that aired in March 2017.

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