9 of Montana’s Most Haunted Places

Searching for ghosts in Montana? You won’t have to look far. From a former brothel to a lonely hiking trail, here are nine places to find spirits in Big Sky Country.

Dumas Brothel – Butte

For nearly 100 years, the women of the Dumas Brothel served Butte’s hard-working miners. Though the bordello closed its doors in 1982, the property‚Äôs current owners believe at least a few working women remain. Eerie events include falling objects, disembodied voices, and beds that shake. A number of paranormal investigation teams have visited Dumas and reported strange things like lost time and mysterious scratches.

Bear Canyon Campground – Bozeman

Legend has it a little girl in a white dress haunts this scenic campground and surrounding trails. But the child is no harmless spirit. She reportedly tries to lure women deep into the woods and away from others. What the ghost girl wants with the women is anyone’s guess, but so far, no one appears to have been led astray.

Moss Mansion – Billings

Built in 1903, the historic Moss Mansion was once home to the illustrious Moss family. Legend has it they’re still there. The youngest Moss daughter succumbed to diphtheria in the home and now reportedly roams the hallways. Strange activity at the mansion includes flickering lights, slamming doors, and footsteps in empty rooms.

Bannack Ghost Town

Many spirits haunt this ghost town which is now a National Historic Landmark. One of the most famous is Dorothy, a woman who drowned in a nearby creek and now wanders the streets in a blue dress. A gang of executed outlaws also haunt the area. This photo at an old church appears to show a ghostly worshiper.

Little Bighorn Battlefield – Crow Agency

In 1876, the Battle of the Little Bighorn, or Custer’s Last Stand, raged in southeastern Montana, killing nearly 300 men and wounding dozens more. Now, ghosts reportedly walk the historic site. Legend has it soldiers and warriors creep across the battlefield at night when the moon is bright and visitors have gone home for the evening.

Brantley House – Helena

Former Supreme Court judge Thomas Brantley reportedly haunts the mansion that was once his home. The spacious house is now divided into apartments, but that doesn’t stop Brantley’s ghost from moving freely about. Strange activity includes pounding footsteps, lights that switch on and off, and objects that fall for no apparent reason.

Oxford Saloon – Missoula

Built sometime in the early 1800s, the Oxford Saloon is reportedly haunted by three friendly cowboys. Though details of the haunting are scarce, it seems the amiable men like to meander through the bar and chat up pretty women. And they have plenty of chances, too, as the bar is open 24/7

Old Montana Prison – Deer Lodge

They say a silent little girl haunts the historic Old Montana Prison. The lonely spirit reportedly follows tour groups, tugging on women’s legs and grasping at their hands. Though there’s no historical record of a child dying at the prison, psychics claim the ghost girl has at least one companion, a small boy who lingers near the ice cream shop. And the kids are not alone. A shadow man lurks near the archive room, slamming doors and shoving files around.

Grand Union Hotel – Fort Benton

Guests at this 135-year-old hotel are bewildered to hear the sound of hooves on the stairway. That is, until they learn a manager once killed a cowboy who tried to ride his horse up the stairs. Now, the slain cowboy’s ghost remains, forever trying to ride his way to the top. Other strange activity includes blue orbs on the second floor, figures in period clothing, and bedding that refuses to stay put.

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