Reader Submission: The Phone Call

“A good friend of mine passed away on Monday, October 31, 2016. He worked at my gym, so I went there the next day to stretch and exercise, as well as mourn his loss. That day at the gym, I received two phone calls a few minutes apart. They were from an unknown caller, and […]


More Phone Calls from the Dead

Can the dead truly call the living? Or are claims of calls after death nothing more than wishful thinking? In July, I shared three strange cases in “Phone Calls from the Dead.” Here are three more eerie tales. What do you think of the stories? A Call from an Old Friend The following account comes […]


Phone Calls from the Dead?

Three true stories of phone calls from the dead.


Reader Submission: Last Call

“I still remember this like it was yesterday. My father passed away in 2000. I was devastated, of course, although we had not been close at all. We’d been trying to mend our relationship the year or so before his death. I cried all day when I learned he had died. He’d lived alone and […]