Ghost Picture of the Day: Spirit at the Stanley Hotel

This ghost picture shows something white and wispy drifting near a door at the infamous Stanley Hotel. Is it a ghost?


Creepy Photo of the Day: The Boy in the Window

This photo taken at the infamous Stanley Hotel reportedly shows a ghost boy staring out the window of Room 1211.


Ghost Photo: Staircase Spirit

This photo taken at the infamous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado reportedly shows a ghost on the stairs. The photographer, publicist Henry Yau, is quite certain no one was on the steps at the time of the photo. He also reports feeling queasy soon after snapping the picture. The Stanley Hotel inspired Steven King […]



The Night Watcher – What watched this family deep in the woods of Colorado? Operation Horror – A frightening figure appears to a patient awaking from surgery in Denver. The Ghost Boy – A mysterious boy and strange sounds in the night. What’s haunting this Colorado reader? Ghost Photo: Spirit at the Stanley Hotel – This odd photo shows […]