Ghost Picture of the Day: Spirit at the Stanley Hotel

This ghost picture shows something white and wispy drifting near a door at the infamous Stanley Hotel. Is it a ghost?


Creepy Photo of the Day: The Boy in the Window

This photo taken at the infamous Stanley Hotel reportedly shows a ghost boy staring out the window of Room 1211.


Ghost Photo: The Woman on the Stairs

Here’s another photo from Colorado’s infamously haunted Stanley Hotel. Is the woman in white a ghost? The picture appeared on Reddit’s r/paranormal where some readers think the photo is paranormal. Others think the “ghost” is merely an ordinary woman who was moving at the time of the photo, thus creating the eerie blur. What do you think? […]


50 (More) Chilling Ghost Photos

In September 2014, I published “100 Chilling Ghost Photos,” a post that is now one of the most popular on this site. Three years later, it’s time for a sequel. From full-blown apparitions to mysterious faces, here are 50 more of the world’s most chilling ghost photos. Enjoy! On July 12, 2016, a motorist snapped this […]