I’m Christy, a lifelong ghost nerd fascinated by all things paranormal. Ghosts and Ghouls is a fun way to share my findings about so-called haunted locations throughout the world. I currently live in Greenville, SC though I grew up in the Oklahoma City area and have also called Tampa, Charleston, and Tokyo home.

Though I’ve been intrigued by ghosts since childhood and have visited numerous “haunted” locations, I have yet to experience anything even remotely paranormal. I suppose you could say I’m an open-minded skeptic. I like spooky pictures and stories – and think there might be something to a few of them – but I don’t necessarily believe in ghosts. I’d have to see or hear something for myself to truly believe.

Got a tip about a haunting or a creepy story to share? Let me know here or email ghostsghoul@gmail.com!

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  1. Now that Google Reader is going away, I stopped by to make sure I had all the correct info about your blog to enter into my new reader. As long as I’m here, I thought I’d tell you I really appreciate what you do. (I know I’m a ‘lazy liker’.) Still, I wanted to say thanks 🙂

  2. I have lived in several haunted houses as well as visited friends at their haunted homes. I could tell you LOTS of stories some were mild sightings & things disappearing only to be found in strange places later, lost items suddenly appearing in plaiin sight, spoons & other items picking themselves up right before your eyes and flying across the room, water faucets turning them selves on when the water to that particular sink was shut off due to a broken pipe underneath, sinks overflowing, lights turning on/off by themselves, music turning on full blast in the middle of the night, doors opening and closing on their own etc. There were toys being thrown down the stairs id yell at the kids to quit only to find out they were outside the whole time! I think one of the creepiest events was when the globe on the cieling fan exploded (ruining our dinner) one evening after watching the movie The Haunted. The kids were singing Amazing Grace at the table when it happened. The strange photos unfortunately were destroyed when the house burnt to the ground. I say to all non believers stay in one of those houses for awhile you’ll change your mind!

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  5. Hello from AAM! Thanks for letting us know about your cool blog! Might I humbly request adding an RSS feed so that those of us who use those can follow more easily? I think there’s a WordPress plugin that will do it easily enough. Keep on keepin’ on!

  6. Ghouls are corpse-eating demons that lurk in the graveyards or cemeteries at the dead of night and Ghosts are the spirits of the dead.

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  9. I used to live in Tampa, went on a ghost tour of St.Pete when I lived there. I love paranormal stuff, photos, youtube videos, anything like that. I grew up in a haunted house lived there for 20 + years. Had tons of friends that always wanted to come over just to experience the haunting. One night me and a friend, a non believer, sat in my basement in the dark taunting the ghosts to show itself. After a few minutes with nothing happening we started getting hit with screws and nails being thrown from my dads work shop, we turned on the light to see them laying all around us, he was pretty spooked and left my house immediately

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