Ghosts of the Scofield Mine Disaster

On May 1, 1900, an explosion tore through the Winters Quarter mine near Scofield, Utah. At least 200 men died in the Scofield Mine disaster, some from the explosion, others from the suffocating gases that followed. The accident left 107 widows and 268 fatherless children, and it wasn’t long before terrified miners began reporting ghosts.

On January 19, 1901, Montana’s Anaconda Standard published the following:

“A headless ghost has been the cause of a great deal of trouble for the Pleasant Valley Coal company in its Winter Quarter mine in Utah. It has frequently been seen by the miners in the various drifts. It walks about the mine at all seasons, and no one knows when he will meet him or glance over his shoulder to see the headless one standing close behind him. The miners, most of whom are Slavs and Hungarians, are so frightened by its presence and by certain supernatural noises and manifestations that several times they have been on the point of stopping work.”

It seems the paranormal activity wasn’t limited to the mine. On February 3, 1901, The Salt Lake Herald published an article about eerie lights in the nearby Scofield cemetery.

“It is stated that blue lights are to be seen any dark night in the cemetery, and that many of the miners are of the opinion that these lights are the ghosts of the dead miners. And, furthermore, at a certain hour every day, from 12 to 2 o’clock, crackings and hissings are to be heard in the mine and many of the men refuse to work in the mine during that period.”

Believe or not, strange sounds continue to this day. Visitors camping near the mine report hearing crying, moaning, and shouts from unseen people. Some speculate it’s the voices of the victims’ widows, weeping for the dead and all that they lost. Others blame the eerie sounds on the wind or people camping nearby. What do you think? Do the ghosts of the Scofield Mine disaster linger on, exactly 117 years later?


8 of the Most Haunted Houses in America

From a Southern plantation to a farmhouse in Iowa, America is full of haunted houses. Here are eight of the most frightening.

May-Stringer House – Brooksville, Florida

The 162-year-old May-Stringer House in Brooksville, FL is one of the oldest homes in the area, not to mention the most haunted. Legend has it up to eight ghosts roam the property which is now a historical museum.

Today, guides and paranormal investigators report moving shadows, glowing orbs of light, and the sound of a wailing child. Many believe the child is Jessie Mae, a lost spirit calling out for the mother she never knew. Other ghosts include a former resident, a shooting victim, and an angry spirit known as Mr. Nasty.

Myrtles Plantation – St. Francisville, Louisiana

The Myrtles Plantation bills itself as one of the most haunted homes in America. Dozens of legends surround the historic property, though the tale of a murderous slave is by far the most famous.

According to popular legend, a slave named Chloe baked an oleander-laced cake and poisoned three members of the prominent Woodruff family: Sarah, the lady of the plantation, and her two daughters. Now the murdered family, and Chloe, reportedly haunted the property.

Today, hand prints and strange “drip” marks appear on a mirror the group haunts, marks that no amount of cleaning can remove. Visitors also report seeing figures in old-fashioned clothing lurking inside the mirror’s warped glass.

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7 Haunted Places in New Hampshire

A former orphanage, a historic cemetery, a castle in ruins. New Hampshire is full of haunted places. Here are seven of the most frightening.

Chase Home – Portsmouth

Once an orphanage and now a place for at-risk youth, Chase Home also harbors the ghost of a former resident, or so the stories go. They say a girl once hanged herself in her room and now wanders the hall late at night. If anyone tries to approach the girl, she runs and disappears. Screams heard in the dead of night are also attributed to the restless spirit.

Pine Hill Cemetery – Hollis

A number of ghosts reportedly haunt the historic Pine Hell Cemetery. Strange activity includes unexplained tapping sounds, disembodied voices, and full-bodied apparitions. Known by locals as Blood Cemetery, Pine Hill is the final resting place to the Blood family. Legend has it the family was murdered, though different dates of death on the family’s headstones easily disprove the tale. Abel Blood, the family patriarch, has a headstone with a finger pointing up towards heaven. Some believe that as night falls over the cemetery, the finger changes position and points down towards hell.

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Guest Post: 5 Abandoned Hotels Around the World That Will Give You the Creeps

Enjoy this guest post by blogger and freelance writer, Ashley Williamson!

Hotels are supposed to be teeming with life and human activity. There are, however, hotels around the world that have long been abandoned and have never been refurbished for other uses. These places may be haunted or they may not. Either way, they’re creepy as heck; the desolate ambiance evokes nothing short of spine-chilling fear.

Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino – Bokor Mountains, Cambodia

In the last century, there were many casinos that thrived. There were also casinos that never opened that bear the same creepiness factor. Bokor Palace Hotel and Casino fell into the former and flourished until the 1940s when the area was abandoned due to the Vietnam conflict. The location is believed to be actively haunted by the ghosts of the estimated 1,000 workers that perished while constructing the facility in the 1920s. Today, the spot is a famous tourist attraction. Despite not even being 100 years old, the ruins and decaying state make Bokor Palace appear older than it really is.

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