The Best EMF Meters for Ghost Hunting

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Electromagnetic field (EMF) meters are among the most common tools in ghost hunting. But which EMF readers are best for capturing evidence of the paranormal? Here’s some basic information about EMF readers and their use in paranormal investigations.

Best EMF Meters for Paranormal Investigations

Electricians and property owners use electromagnetic field meters to measure EMFs in homes or businesses. However, many paranormal investigators believe the meters can also detect ghosts. The theory is that spikes in EMFs mean a spirit is near, so many ghost hunters use EMF readers in search of the paranormal. However, as exposure to high-level EMFs can cause dizziness, nausea, anxiety, and hallucinations, EMF meters can also be used to DISPROVE the existence ghosts.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Ghost Hunting Equipment

Paranormal investigators use a variety of equipment to hunt ghosts. From basic cameras and recorders to ghost boxes and laser grids, there’s certainly no shortage of gear. Not sure what equipment investigators truly use and why? Here’s a beginner’s guide to ghost-hunting equipment.

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The Best Digital Recorders for Capturing EVPs


Electronic voice phenomenon, or EVPs, offer some of the most intriguing evidence for ghosts. So which digital recorders are best for capturing EVPs? Here’s a brief guide to help paranormal investigators choose a quality device.

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Paranormal Book Review: “Ghost Hunting Diary Volume 1” by T.M. Simmons

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Because I harbor the delusion that I’ll one day write a ghost book, and because I want to support independent authors, I recently ventured into Amazon’s Kindle Indie Bookstore to view the “true ghost story” inventory. There are loads of titles chronicling the adventures of real-life ghost hunters, but T.M. Simmons’ Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I first caught my eye (or was it the 0.00 price?). In any case, here’s my review:

In my experience, ghost story enthusiasts fall into one of two categories: those who like the subtle scares – an unexplained thump or voice in the dark – and those who like a lot of drama. Simmons’ Ghost Hunting Diary will definitely appeal to the drama lovers.

The book contains six creepy tales, covering everything from a stay at the haunted Myrtles Plantation to the banishment of an evil witch. Unlike many independently published books, the Ghost Hunting Diary is well written with a minimal amount of typos and errors. Simmons has a casual, endearing style of writing that, as one reviewer put it, makes “you feel like a zany friend is talking to you about her crazy ghost hunting hobby.”

As a fan of subtle scares, I liked the Myrtles story the best. Simmons relates the odd things that happened during her stay at the 217-year-old plantation, including unexplained tugs, a ghostly rocking chair, and a portrait that faded in and out. However, the other stories in Simmons’ account are far more “out there,” if you will. In one tale, she’s opening holes in the sky for departed spirits to pass through, while in another she’s defusing an evil witch’s spell by merely wagging her fingers.

Far fetched or not, I enjoyed Simmons’ stories and will likely purchase the other volumes in the Ghost Hunting series. If you’re looking for a short, entertaining read, Ghost Hunting Diary Volume 1 is definitely a good choice, especially if you believe in mediums and dramatic encounters with the paranormal.

Ghost Hunting Diary Volume I
T.M. Simmons
May 31, 2011
Kindle Price: $0.00

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