Ghost Photo: Hidden Figure

The photo above comes from Reddit’s paranormal community. The OP writes:

“My grandmother used to live in a creepy old house in a gated community for seniors. The previous owner had died there. One morning, her husband, who always got up a few hours before her, woke her up in a panic. He led her into the living room, where the blanket that was usually across the back of the couch was sitting straight up, as if someone was sitting underneath it. The thing is, nothing was under it, and I mean nothing. There were no sticks holding it up, nothing hanging from the ceiling, no pillows, nothing.

My grandmother was too scared to go up to it at first, so she snapped this photo from afar. After a few days, she got the courage to touch it. She poked it, and the blanket immediately fell down, crumpled and flat, like a normal blanket with nothing in it. And that was it.”

What do you think of the photo?

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Ghost Photo: The Little Spirit

This photo from Reddit’s /r/Ghosts was taken during a ghost tour in The Rocks, Sydney. What do you make of the figure next to the woman? Is it a spirit or something more easily explained?

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Ghost Photo: The Cliffhanger

ghost on cliff

The photo above comes from Dundas Peak in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The man in the picture writes:

“Way below the edge of the trail, where the slope is too steep to stand on, there appears to be a thin person standing unnaturally straight with no visible face. I know you’re probably thinking that is probably just a brave hiker, but trust me, that spot is completely inaccessible. Maybe it isn’t a person?”

Some skeptics claim that the “figure” is nothing more than holes in the rock or a real-life risk-taker admiring the view. What do you believe?

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Ghost Photo: Girl in the Woods

The photo above comes from Reddit’s r/paranormal. The OP writes:

“My friend is studying the gray wolf population in northern Quebec, Canada. They set up a bunch of trail cams to observe them. We are still trying to figure out this photo. It looks like someone behind a tree is holding something. No idea what the big white spot is either.”

What do you think?

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