Reader Submission: Ka-bala Possession


“Back in the early 1970’s there was game called Ka-Bala. It was supposed to be a fortune-telling game. This game was EVIL. There were tarot cards and the player were supposed to chant while this large, black marble spun around the board. Whenever the marble stopped, you had to pick up a tarot card and read it.

Anyhow, my sister got the game for Christmas when she was about 10 and I was 9. My younger sister and brother would use the game while the three older kids were at school. I had this little fairy doll that was my favorite. My younger sister would play with the doll while I was at school too. One day my younger sister said ‘Your doll comes to life.’ Not believing this for a moment, I said, challengingly, ‘Show me.” She picked up the doll and said ‘Be alive.’ And I know how crazy this sounds, but the doll’s body began to take on the look of human flesh. Being young and not understanding anything about demonic possession, I kept it…at first.

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5 Bizarre Haunted Items on eBay Right Now


It’s time for another installment of bizarre haunted goods on eBay! In the past, we’ve had a cursed beer sign, a ghostly donkey, and a possessed Elf on the Shelf. Here’s what’s up for grabs this time around. To see a listing, simply click on the bold title. Happy browsing!

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5 Bizarre Haunted Items on eBay Right Now


Every now and then, I search for “haunted” items on eBay to see what turns up. My search usually yields loads of haunted dolls and mundane estate sale items, but today I found more unusual odds and ends. Here are five haunted items currently up for grabs on eBay.com.  To view the listing, just click on the bold title. Happy haunted browsing!

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Paranormal Link Roundup

ghost picture

Here are a few links to paranormal-themed videos, articles, and sites readers might find of interest. Have a project or announcement to share? Send the info to ghostsghoul@gmail.com and I’ll include it in my next roundup. Thank you!

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