Truth or Legend? The Bell Witch Haunting

The strange tale of the Bell Witch is one of America’s most famous ghost stories. The spooky legend has terrified thousands and even helped inspire The Blair Witch Project. But is it true?

The Legend

Legend has it that between 1817 and 1821 a malevolent spirit terrorized the prosperous Bell family in Adams, Tennessee. The incidents reportedly started when family members noticed unnatural animals on their property. In one version, a creature with the head of a rabbit and the body of a dog scratched at the Bell’s door. When someone went to investigate, the creature scurried off into the night.

Not long after the sighting, the Bells began hearing eerie sounds in their cabin, sounds that resembled choking, gasping, chains dragging across the floor, and rats gnawing on the bedpost. The sounds quickly escalated to physical violence, with John Bell, Sr. and daughter Betsy suffering most of the abuse. Betsy claimed she was slapped by an unseen entity, while John felt something poking the side of his throat. The witch also yelled, cursed, and threatened the family.

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Truth or Legend? Crying Baby Haunts Bridge

haunted places

A dark bridge. A screaming baby. Apparitions in the night. The country is full of “crybaby bridge” legends, but is there any truth to the disturbing tales?

The Legend
Depending on where you live, the crybaby bridge legend goes something like this: A woman is traveling with her baby (or small child) when disaster strikes. Perhaps it’s a tragic accident that results in mother and child plummeting over the side of the bridge. Perhaps the mother is angry or distraught and hurls her baby into the creek below. Perhaps there’s more than one child. Perhaps there’s a murderous father. Though multiple versions of the legend exist, they all agree on one thing: a baby dies near a bridge and its ghostly wails now haunt the tragic site. At times, the mother’s grieving ghost appears in the woods nearby, sobbing and calling out for her lost child.

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Truth or Legend? Mysterious Booms Plague South Carolina


Skyquakes. Mistpouffers. Seneca Guns. The mysterious booms in South Carolina have many names, but no one knows what causes them. And today the mystery is back in the spotlight after an unexplained boom rattled the Charleston area.

“My whole house just shook…. anyone else? Weird and heard loud boom on Folly Beach,” wrote one witness on Facebook.

“The whole restaurant here at Shem Creek just shook! Earthquake?!,” wrote other.

The boom and subsequent vibration startled Charleston-area residents around 12:26 pm. By 1:00, witnesses were searching for answers online. Though an earthquake was the most common theory, the USGS website shows no record of a quake. So what was it?

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Truth or Legend? Ghost Children Haunt Texas Railroad Crossing

school bus accident ghosts

In a wooded area just south of San Antonio, lies a nondescript railroad crossing. Legend has it several children died on the tracks and now aid stalled vehicles. But is the story true or is it nothing more than an urban legend?

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