Ghosts of the SS Eastland – Over 800 people died in the Eastland disaster. Do the ghosts of the doomed passengers linger on in Chicago?

Demon Trouble – A ‘bad man’ in a child’s closet in New Baden. A father’s twisted rage. Did demons terrorize these families?

Something Wicked This Way Comes – A fisherman encounters a terrifying presence in the deep woods of Southern Illinois.

Ghost Photo: Firehouse Spirits – A candid shot at a Chicago firehouse reveals two mysterious figures sitting in a truck.

Ghost Photo: Hull House Horror – Does this photo show a ghost at Chicago’s notoriously haunted Hull House?

Ghost Photo: The Faces at the Door – This well-known photo from Chicago shows a mother and child smiling for the camera while two eerie faces look on from behind a screen door.

Ghost Photo: Asylum Apparition – Does this photo show a ghost at Bartonville’s Peoria State Hospital.

Ghost Photo: Asylum Apparition II – Another ghost at Peoria State Hospital?

Ghost Photo: Street Spirits – Three spirits swirl around a streetlight outside a haunted restaurant in Galena.