South Carolina

Truth or Legend? Mysterious Booms Plague South Carolina – Skyquakes. Mistpouffers. Seneca Guns. The mysterious booms in South Carolina have many names, but no one knows what causes them.

Is South Carolina’s Poinsett Bridge Haunted? – The nearly 200-year-old Poinsett Bridge in Landrum is said to be the site of mysterious lights, strange sounds, and frightening apparitions.

Greenville’s Haunted Springwood Cemetery – The cemetery is the final home of Confederate soldiers, prominent politicians, and even a NASCAR driver, and like many historic graveyards is rumored to be haunted.

Poinsett Hotel: A Resting Place for the Weary…and the Dead – Tales from Greenville’s haunted Poinsett Hotel.

Charleston Ghost Pictures – War, fire, earthquake, a notorious serial killer – there are few disasters the city of Charleston hasn’t seen. Is it any wonder that ghosts and ghouls are said to roam the city’s historic streets? Here are a few unsettling ghost photos from “The Holy City.”

Haunted Charleston: The Old City Jail – Thousands of inmates died within the jail’s imposing walls and it’s these tormented spirits that reportedly haunt the 215-year-old building today.

The Ghost Cow of Charleston – From the archives: the odd tale of a ghostly calf in downtown Charleston.

The Land’s End Light of Beaufort CountyFrogmore is home to the Land’s End Light, a mysterious, glowing orb that has frightened residents for generations.

The Haunted Lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park – Like nearly all lighthouses around the world, the Hunting Island lighthouse has a reputation for being haunted.

Do Ghosts Walk the Ruins of St. Helena Island’s Chapel of Ease – Many residents of St. Helena Island insist the old chapel of ease and adjoining cemetery is haunted.

Are the Old Sheldon Church Ruins Haunted?  – Built between 1745 – 1755, the church was originally a place of worship in Prince William’s Parish and was burned by two warring armies: the British army in 1799 and the federal army in 1865.

Little Blue – Known by locals as Little Blue, a former beachfront cabin is now surrounded by water. Could it also be haunted?