Truth or Legend? Ghost Children Haunt Texas Railroad Crossing – In a wooded area just south of San Antonio, lies a nondescript railroad crossing. Legend has it several children died on the tracks and now aid stalled vehicles. But is the story true or is it nothing more than an urban legend?

The Haunted Adolphus Hotel – Legend has that the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas is haunted by the ghost of a jilted bride, plus a few other spirits.

7 August Events That Caused Hauntings – On August 1, 1966, Charles Whitman climbed to the top of the Tower at the University of Texas and gunned down dozens of people, killing 14 and wounding 32. Some say he’s still there.

Man on the Water – While camping near Lake Granbury, a boy sees a man in old-fashioned clothing standing on the water. Who, or what, was behind the sighting?

5 Haunted Zoos in the United States – Most people head to the zoo to check out the exotic wildlife, but some zoos offer the rarest creatures of all: ghosts! Here are five reportedly haunted zoos in the United States, including one in Fort Worth.

4 Paintings Plagued by the Paranormal – Four haunted paintings, including one in Galveston’s Hotel Galvez, and the paranormal activity that made them famous.

Ghost Photo: Pride House Phantom – Does this pic show a ghost looking in the window of Texas’ Pride House? Or is it a trick of shadow and light?