Ghosts of the Scofield Mine Disaster

On May 1, 1900, an explosion tore through the Winters Quarter mine near Scofield, Utah. At least 200 men died in the Scofield Mine disaster, some from the explosion, others from the suffocating gases that followed. The accident left 107 widows and 268 fatherless children, and it wasn’t long before terrified miners began reporting ghosts.

On January 19, 1901, Montana’s Anaconda Standard published the following:

“A headless ghost has been the cause of a great deal of trouble for the Pleasant Valley Coal company in its Winter Quarter mine in Utah. It has frequently been seen by the miners in the various drifts. It walks about the mine at all seasons, and no one knows when he will meet him or glance over his shoulder to see the headless one standing close behind him. The miners, most of whom are Slavs and Hungarians, are so frightened by its presence and by certain supernatural noises and manifestations that several times they have been on the point of stopping work.”

It seems the paranormal activity wasn’t limited to the mine. On February 3, 1901, The Salt Lake Herald published an article about eerie lights in the nearby Scofield cemetery.

“It is stated that blue lights are to be seen any dark night in the cemetery, and that many of the miners are of the opinion that these lights are the ghosts of the dead miners. And, furthermore, at a certain hour every day, from 12 to 2 o’clock, crackings and hissings are to be heard in the mine and many of the men refuse to work in the mine during that period.”

Believe or not, strange sounds continue to this day. Visitors camping near the mine report hearing crying, moaning, and shouts from unseen people. Some speculate it’s the voices of the victims’ widows, weeping for the dead and all that they lost. Others blame the eerie sounds on the wind or people camping nearby. What do you think? Do the ghosts of the Scofield Mine disaster linger on, exactly 117 years later?


Ghost Photo: The Floating Face

What do you see when you look at the photo above? According to one Melbourne family, the face in the window is a ghost.

“The picture was taken by 18-year-old Dayna Lynch just days after the family said goodbye to a late grandmother,” Daily Mail Australia reports. “Her stepmother – who is no longer with Ms Lynch’s father – had just returned from her grandmother’s funeral in Turkey and said the ghostly apparition bears a striking similarity to her departed grandmother. She and her grandmother were incredibly close, and she could feel her presence the entire day.”

Skeptics say the photo shows nothing more than a (live) person peering into the room. Others say the image has been altered or the face is a reflection of some kind. What do you believe?


Reader Submission: A Brother’s Visit

weird shadow

“It was around 6th grade when I was about 11 or 12. My sister and I shared a bedroom, and we had both fallen asleep in the same twin-sized bed. It was around 2:30 a.m. when I randomly woke up and turned to see a shadow at the foot of the bed, facing my way.

It was glowing slightly blue, but very transparent. It was a male who looked anywhere from 19-26 years old. We just stared at each other for a while, eyes completely locked, both of us frozen. I wasn’t scared until I blinked and suddenly he wasn’t there anymore.

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Ghost Photo: The Woman Watching

Does the photo above show a ghost? That’s what one Reddit user wants to know. The following comes from the site’s r/paranormal section. The OP writes:

“These photos were taken in 2005 with a really crapshoot digital camera. It was just my sister and her friend Tommy in the room at the time. The photos were taken within seconds of each other, the one on the left was taken with a flash, the one on the right without. In the photo on the right, you can see, CLEAR AS DAY, the face of one person and the opposite hand of another. You can even make out very round glasses on the face! No one else was with them.

Growing up in our parents’ house, we always had strange things happen. Noises, things being moved, that kind of stuff. Maybe this was the person behind all of the activity?”

What do you think of the photo? Critics say the image has been altered, others believe it shows a spirit.

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