Have a true ghost story? A spooky tale you’d like me to investigate? Speak up using the form below or email All names and emails will remain anonymous. If possible, include the state or country where your story occurs.

PLEASE NOTE: Stories submitted here may be published on Please let me know if you are merely seeking advice and do not want your story posted.

I eagerly await your true ghost stories!

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  1. I posted a story about an African American ghost seen at the end of the road, but I can’t find it. Please send it to me via email. Thank you.

    • I was in a hotel and in the night a black figure stood at the end of my bed. When I blinked he was gone and in the street a wierd (and creepy) guy stared at me. Aaagghh!!

      • Oh yeah? Well I went to a beach and my sister went missing after 5 minutes of being alone. The next day we found her dead body in the shore. And she had a knife in her throat…

    • I had a bad dream ( nightmare) I woke up in the middle of night that I saw old white woman staring at me next to me in bed so until now I didn’t sleep in bed anymore

      • I had a dream where a boy from my school suddenly collapsed in the playground and when I checked to see if he was OK… Oh, I don’t want to talk about it. He was dead, his body on the floor in the playground. I couldn’t look at him. My hand was over my eyes and it was so scary… Next day it came TRUE…

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  65. Well this happend last Monday we went to my grandpa’s funeral and when we came home our attic ceiling door was opend and no one could get it opend b4 see our house is haunted but I just don’t know if it was my grandpa that opened it to let us know he was here with us we been having a lot going on since my grandpa past.

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  89. Years ago my husband’s best friend was murdered. Abouta couple of weeks after his death, my husband began receiving phone calls on his cell from the deceased man’s cell ( his family had the line disconnected immediately after the tragedy). When he would answer there would would be silence on the other end. My husband was alarmed by it so he dialed the number back to find out if it was still on. It wasn’t , this continued to happen off and on for months and then nothing. It was creepy and unexplainable but 100% true.

  90. I had a fire in my yard Saturday night I was burning a bunch of wood and I took a picture of the fire and there are three images in it and I was wondering if I I can show you the picture to see what you make of it let me know thank you

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