Reader Submission: Grandma’s Ghost?

“About 10 years ago, my grandparents moved out of the home they had lived in for 50 years. My grandmother’s family owned the home and adjacent lot, and my grandmother had inherited the property.

My great-grandmother moved into the home with my grandparents when her health started to deteriorate. They put in an add-on room and a bathroom at the back of the house, and that’s where my great-grandmother spent most of her time. She died elsewhere, but after my great-grandmother passed, my grandmother said she could hear her. Weird things would also happen throughout the home. My mom also felt and heard my great-grandmother.

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2013 Ghost Photos: 15 Creepy Pics

Here’s a collection of ghost photos to hit the web and make headlines in 2013. Which is your favorite?

bell bottom ghost picture

A woman trying to snap a photo of her nephew captured a spirit instead. The photo, taken outside Cleveland High School on April 15th, shows a man in a pink leisure suit lurking in the background. Is it a ghost? – Houston Chronicle

ghost face ghost photo

“This came from a friend of a friend. This is his girlfriend and kid. They were moving into a house and she decided to take a picture with the kid. This shows up on the wall behind her and she freaks out. Starts crying as soon as she sees it, leaves the house, calls the boyfriend. Apparently, there was nothing in the room besides them.” – Reddit/Creepy

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