Reader Submission: Demonic Haunting

creepy shadows

“My first encounter with this demonic spirit was about two years ago. I had just moved in with my foster parents. At this time, I was still a Christian. I had just been through a terrible family crisis so I was dealing with a lot of emotions. I was constantly depressed and rather angry. This was a very stressful time in my life.

Three Scratches

One night, I had gotten into a very big fight with my foster parents and started self-harming. When I woke up the next morning, I had three very deep scratches running side by side down my neck. I thought I had done it in my sleep somehow, even though I had no fingernails.

I went upstairs to show my foster mom, and she also thought it was strange. So we went back downstairs to show my foster dad. When we got down there, she moved my hair and there were three more scratches next to the original marks. I then went to wash my face, and three more scratches appeared on my cheek, right before my very eyes!

I started to do some research, and what I found frightened me. I saw a lot of talk about demons and learned that three scratches are considered the “demons’ mark of destruction.” I became very frightened.

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Video: Ghost Blob Damages Car in Police Parking Lot

Surveillance video from the Hartford Police department’s parking lot shows a whitish blob whipping about, but is it a ghost?

In the clip posted above, the wispy blob whirls through the lot, tearing the mirror off one car, hurling it a few feet away, and then dropping the mirror next to the damaged vehicle. Some police officers believe the parking lot is haunted, however NBC Connecticut meteorologist Brad Field says the “ghost blob” is actually a dust devil. Not everyone is convinced, however.

What do you think of the footage? Dust devil or naughty, police-hating ghost blob?

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New Page for 2013 Ghost Videos

Awhile back, a reader suggested that I add a section for new ghost videos (hi, Matt!). So that’s what I did. Behold the new page for 2013 ghost videos. My plan is to search paranormal headlines/Twitter feeds/YouTube channels for new footage, but that takes a lot of time, which I don’t always have. So…if any of you come across an interesting ghost video recorded sometime this year, please send a link or tip to ghostsghoul@gmail.com. You can also share info by clicking the button below. Thanks! I really appreciate it.


In the meantime, enjoy this fabulously cheesy slide show of ghost pictures set to creepy music.