Sleep With Spirits at These 9 Haunted Hotels in Alabama

Ghost dogs, wandering apparitions, and the spirit of a famous outlaw are just a few of the paranormal beings you’ll encounter in these haunted Alabama hotels. Once you check in, you may never check out.

Tutwiler Hotel – Birmingham


Also known as the Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham Downtown, the historic Tutwiler is home to “the knocker,” a disruptive presence that repeatedly raps on sixth-floor guests’ doors. The hotel’s restaurant is also plagued by a mischievous spirit that flicks lights on and off and messes with appliances. One night, the spirit, or spirits, even set a table, complete with a bottle of wine. Some believe the ghost is the hotel’s namesake, Colonel Tutwiler.

Rawls Hotel – Enterprise


Childish laughter and disembodied footsteps are just two of the sounds said to be caused by Rawls’ resident ghosts. Guests and staff have also spotted children running down the hall, but find no one when they go to investigate. The spirits are apparently particular about decor as one staff member discovered when something kept removing the window treatments he’d selected.

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Do Dead Workers Haunt Sloss Furnaces?

sloss furnaces

Sloss Furnaces opened its doors in 1882 and produced loads of pig iron for nearly 90 years. Today, the Birmingham, AL site is a National Historic Landmark that serves as a museum, entertainment venue, and annual Halloween attraction. However, that’s not all. Legend has it the historic facility is haunted by workers who died gruesomely on the job, but are these stories true ?

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Ghost Photo of the Day: A Floating Head?


Does this photo, taken at Fort Harker near Stevenson, AL, show a ghostly head floating up from the ground? Or is it merely a trick of shadow and light?

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Reader Submission: Disappearing Family


“I was shore fishing on the beach in Orange Beach City , AL near the State Park Pier the first week of August 2013. I started early in the morning, and it was about 10 a.m. when I landed a small sting ray. Being from Michigan, I was unfamiliar with the little guy – about 10-12″ diameter – and was concerned about being stung. He was hooked pretty good, and I thought ‘If I can’t easily dislodge it, I’ll rip it out.’

As this was unfolding, out of the corner of my eye I noticed people strolling by on the sand. I was standing in the swash. A family of five stopped: a mother, a father, a daughter about 12-15, another girl about 5-6, and a much younger boy near the sand. I remember the mother and older daughter were smiling. The father, who was very tall and thin, came very close and bent over my right shoulder as I tried to unhook the ray. I thought, ‘I can’t rip this out in front of others. It might freak them out.’ So I put very careful effort into it and succeeded. Just as I released the fish and turned to speak to the man, I found I was totally alone on the beach. There was NO ONE anywhere near me. Not for at least a 1/4 mile.

I wasn’t shocked or frightened, but actually chuckled. Later, I felt it was a message to be mindful that I am an ethical fisherman and respect the animals. As time has passed, I find it harder to believe it really was real and it is beginning to feel disturbing to me.”

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