Ghost Photo of the Day: Alien? Demon? Ghost?

photo alien demon ghost

A reader writes: “There was a lady in her early forties living in Appleton, WI claiming to have an entity visit her during the night. She wouldn’t see it, but said it would shake the bed and the room would get cold.

There was a pulsating EMF reading that would go from 3 milligauss all the way to  pegging the meter out at 100 milligauss. The source was coming from an area the size of a basketball about four to five feet off of the ground and would move around the room , leave, and then return. Photos from the digital camera came up with nothing, nor did EVPs.

I set up a Tasco trail camera used for hunting with night vision and a motion sensor. This camera was in perfect condition, and I put in new batteries. I went to check it in the morning, and it was dead. I replaced the batteries and nothing. I removed the SD disk and found the unknown image that I have enclosed.

As of this time, I have not been able to find a way to debunk this image. Some people say it looks like a demon, and others say it looks like an alien, but I have not been able to find other photos like this. There is what almost seems like a motion blur as if it is moving. The only problem is that the area it was taken in the bedroom had a narrow area to walk and and was about four feet from a wall.

I’m looking for any input that you could provide. Thank you in advance and God bless.”

What do you think of the strange photo?

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