Ghosts: Beings from Another Dimension?

ghost hand

I just finished Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and his overview of the idea of a fourth dimension got me wondering if ‘ghosts’ and other so-called paranormal phenomenon could be tied to other planes of existence.

In the footnotes of “The Edge of Forever” chapter, Sagan says: “If a fourth-dimensional creature existed it could, in our three-dimensional universe, appear and dematerialize at will, change shape remarkably, pull us out of locked rooms, and make us appear from nowhere.”

Sagan also discusses the Flatland concept (see video below), describing how three-dimensional creatures would appear to those in a two-dimensional universe. In short, the three-dimensional beings would seemingly appear and disappear, and their voices, if they could talk, would appear to come from nowhere.


Unknown beings appearing and disappearing from nowhere, voices from beyond…to me, that sounds like an awful lot like ghosts. Could it be that ‘ghosts’ are actually beings from another dimension? Most scientists, including Sagan, do not believe in the paranormal, but perhaps the traditional idea of ghosts is wrong. Perhaps ‘ghosts’ aren’t lost souls or demons, but something from another dimension that we can’t see or understand. Or perhaps they are souls and demons who reside in a different reality.

What do you think?


“Anyone who can tap into the fourth spatial dimension (or what is today called the fifth dimension, with time being the fourth dimension) can indeed become invisible, and can even assume the powers normally ascribed to ghosts and gods.”theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos:


Reader Submission: House for Rent


“This story didn’t involve me, but actually happened to my folks and my brother.

We had been transferred to Flagstaff from Prescott (Arizona) on election day 1948. It was a sudden transfer, one in which dad wasn’t even given a chance to consider before he was told he had the job. So, mom, my brother Everett, and I went to Flagstaff to find a house.

After several days of hard looking, all we found was a summer cottage south of town which had one bedroom, a wood stove, and a large sitting room. It also sported an outhouse, a woodshed, and two big wooden barrels for hauling water. We didn’t have any choice, and the rent was in our price range, so we took it.

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