Cock-a-Doodle BOO! Slain Rooster Haunts Couple?

mad rooster

“This is a story that is absolutely true and happened right here in New York. It is about a rooster that had his head cut off and continued to crow for days afterwards.

A brother-in law of mine living in the upper Bronx occupied a five-room, one-family house. At the rear of his garden, he had erected a chicken coop and a long runway for the chickens to exercise. He had 40 chickens, including a magnificent specimen of a rooster which stood nearly two feet in height. And how that boy could crow!

This brother-in-law of mine was a taxicab driver. He arose every morning at 4 a.m. and left the house at 5:00 to be at work by 6:00. He retired to bed every night at 9:00 p.m. The only trouble was that he could not secure a night’s unbroken sleep due to the crowing of the rooster. He complained to his wife, saying ‘That rooster’s got to go!’

A few days afterwards, upon his return from a hard day’s work, my brother-in-law took an axe, grabbed the rooster, and severed its head! The rooster ran around headless for a while and then collapsed. ‘Chicken Fricassee’ didn’t taste bad that evening for supper.

The next night, my brother-in-law was awakened in the early hours by a crowing sound. He was not sure, so he listened again. There it was, the rooster was still crowing. He knew that he was not dreaming because the crowing repeated while he lay in his bed.

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The Ghost Cow of Charleston


“I was living at 123 Bull Street when I was terribly frightened by something that nearly took all of my nerves away. The people with whom I lived told me not to go out and stay out late at night, but I thought they were selfish and jealous, and I did not pay any attention to what they said. Night after night, I went out and stayed until 12 o’clock. Then one night came when my going out was stopped without having to be told.

The house in which I lived was next to Avery Institute with a yard of beautiful shrubbery which makes it very haunted looking at night. Very seldom are people seen passing in that somewhat secluded section of Charleston at night. Night after night, I would be the only one walking along. Then, on an eventful night just as I turned to go into the side entrance to my room in the rear, under the tree which I had to walk I saw a cat which did not frighten me until it turned into a calf of about two years old.

My hair stood straight up on my head, and I became so weak that my voice was just above a whisper. Drops of perspiration fell from me. When I had recovered from the shock, I ran and the animal must have followed me. I could hear it galloping behind me as I ran home a few rods from the scene. Looking back as I almost burst down the door, the peculiar thing was no longer visible.”

Told by Mrs. S.C. Ladson, age 36, maid, 180 Queen St. Charleston, SC 
Federal Writers’ Project. 1936. WPA Federal Writers’ Project Papers. USC South Caroliniana Lib., Columbia, SC.


Reader Submission: The White Buck


“During hunting season in 1954, my husband and I decided to join my folks in Flagstaff, AZ for a weekend of hunting. We went out in the folks’ big station wagon and decided to hunt in one of my family’s favorite hunting spots called Tin Roof. Why it had that name, I never knew, but the hunting was always good.

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Reader Submission: Visit from a Ghost Cat?


“I don’t know if you know anything about this, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately and I need to find out more about what happened.

Pressure and Tugs in the Night
In 2010, I moved to Phillipsburg, NJ. I never really experienced anything paranormal until this past year. I believe it was April of 2013. I’d been sleeping in my room when all of a sudden, at around 5:45 a.m., I felt this pressure at the foot of my bed.

At first, I thought my dog had come in and was trying to get up on the bed and I was just feeling her paws, but I could see that my door was still closed. The pressure kept happening on and off every few seconds, like something was pushing on my bed. Then, it moved closer to me, and instead of pressing on my bed it started pulling on a blanket that was hanging down to the floor. It started as light tugging and got more powerful with each pull. It got so strong that it almost started pulling me off the bed with the blanket. I was so terrified at this point that I pulled the blanket up off the floor and looked down. Of course, there was nothing there. I was absolutely horrified and had to move to a different room to be able to fall asleep again.

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