Ghost Photo: Queen Mary Spirit?

ghost photo queen mary

A reader writes: “My son took this pic on the Queen Mary. The first one is the actual photo, and the second on is zoomed in.. I see a man.. What do you see?”

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6 Reader-Submitted Ghost Photos

ghost picture germany


“The picture is from the north of Germany in the 50´s! No one knows who the face is in window.”

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Rise from the Ashes

ghost photo

I found this pic on Pinterest with no context or explanation. Now I’m no forensic expert, but to me it looks like a female apparition rising from the remains of a charred attic (or a manipulated photo). What do you think?

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Ghost Photo of the Day: Silver Queen Spirit

ghost photo

This photo comes from the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, NV. I found the pic on Pinterest, but there wasn’t any information about who took the photo or the circumstances behind it (such as why it appears to have been taken during a major earthquake). Legend has it the 134-year-old Silver Queen is haunted, with guests reporting mysterious bangs, footsteps, and voices in the night. What do you think?

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