Can You Spot the Spook?

ghost photo hunt

Instead of posting the usual “Ghost Photo of the Day,” today I thought I’d try something different. The picture above comes from the Yorkshire Evening Post in Yorkshire, England. Rather than me circle the so-called ghost and tell you what it’s supposed to be, why don’t you, the readers, tell me what you see. Check out this article in the Yorkshire Post for the full story.

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Ghost Photo of the Day: The Servant Girl

ghost on camera

This alleged ghost photo recently appeared in the U.K.’s Grantham Journal. Urban explorer Louise Lewin snapped the pic at the 179-year-old Nocton Hall and believes the whitish figure on the right is a ghost.

“Everybody kept commenting on it so then I looked into the history of Nocton Hall and there was a story about a crying girl who haunted the building,” Lewin said. “She was a servant girl who was raped and murdered.”

Critics are far from impressed with the photo, noting the quality is so poor it may as well been taken with a calculator, not a camera. What do you think of the image?


Ghost Picture(s) of the Day: Down by the Water

Here’s a video slideshow featuring water ghost photos – haunted beaches, haunted bridges, haunted lighthouses, etc. As with many paranormal pic collections, some photos are intriguing while others are highly suspect. What do you think of the images?

By the way, I hope to get back to writing more articles soon. I’m experiencing a bit of ghost writer’s block right now.

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Spirit in the Court

courthouse ghost picture

In 2006, security footage at North Carolina’s Lincoln County Courthouse revealed a ghostly woman taking notes in an empty room. Security officers went to investigate, but reportedly found no trace of the woman. The courthouse has long had a reputation for being haunted, and Sgt. Lonnie Reap, a 30+ year employee, is a believer.

“I believed all along that there’s ghosts in this courthouse,” Reap told a local news station. “A lot at night, I’ve heard foot steps. I’ve heard noises that I couldn’t explain.”

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