The Ghosts of Hotel Monte Vista

monte vista hotel

A phantom bell boy, murdered prostitutes, and a booze-loving criminal are just a few of the ghosts said to haunt the Hotel Monte Vista in Flagstaff, AZ. In fact, John Wayne himself encountered a spirit at the 87-year-old landmark. Here’s the story behind the hotel’s infamous haunting.

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Reader Submission: House for Rent


“This story didn’t involve me, but actually happened to my folks and my brother.

We had been transferred to Flagstaff from Prescott (Arizona) on election day 1948. It was a sudden transfer, one in which dad wasn’t even given a chance to consider before he was told he had the job. So, mom, my brother Everett, and I went to Flagstaff to find a house.

After several days of hard looking, all we found was a summer cottage south of town which had one bedroom, a wood stove, and a large sitting room. It also sported an outhouse, a woodshed, and two big wooden barrels for hauling water. We didn’t have any choice, and the rent was in our price range, so we took it.

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Reader Submission: The White Buck


“During hunting season in 1954, my husband and I decided to join my folks in Flagstaff, AZ for a weekend of hunting. We went out in the folks’ big station wagon and decided to hunt in one of my family’s favorite hunting spots called Tin Roof. Why it had that name, I never knew, but the hunting was always good.

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Ladies of the Night: 5 Historic Haunted Brothels in the U.S.

haunted dumas brothel

Historic brothels, like theaters, always seem to have a resident ghost or two. Here are five former brothels haunted by the working women of days gone by.

The Dumas Brothel
Butte, MT

For 92 years, the women of The Dumas Brothel in Butte, MT (above) served the community’s hard-working miners and helped the business become America’s longest-running house of prostitution. Though the brothel closed its doors in 1982, the property’s current owners believe at least a few working women remain. Eerie events at the old brothel include falling mirrors, touches from unseen hands, and a shaking bed. The Haunted Collector team investigated The Dumas for an episode of the show and reportedly contacted the spirit of a former madam named Sarah.

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