Reader Submission: Little Blue


“Hey, there. I was Googling Hunting Island and saw your post about the light house. I thought you might be interested in an experience I had at the park.

My family and I recently spent a week in Beaufort (South Carolina). We did the typical touristy stuff – carriage rides, history tours, lots of shrimp and grits – but one day we got bored with the scene in town and drove to Hunting Island State Park.

The first thing my parents wanted to do was explore the nature center and the connecting pier. That was fine for about 20 minutes, but my sister, Kate, and I really wanted to visit the beach. After some whining and complaining, we finally convinced our parents to turn us loose.

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Reader Submission: The Bloody Rope


“My wife is from the Beaufort, SC area and we would camp at Hunting Island. After dark, we would go to Fort Fremont and walk down to the beach. Around midnight we’d sit near a tree hoping to see the Land’s End Lights. We never saw the lights, but we once shined a flashlight up a tree and saw a rope tied around a big branch which goes over the road and hangs down about a foot.

At the end of the rope, was a few inches of red stain that looked like blood. Thinking it must have been hard to get the rope tied that high in the tree, and feeling it was someone’s prank, we came back early the next morning to take a picture. However, the bloody rope was no longer there. I know the area, and I know we were at the right tree. I’m not saying it was anything supernatural, but if it was a prank someone went through a lot of trouble to put the rope there then take it back down. Has anyone else seen this?”

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The Land’s End Light of Beaufort County

spook light lands end

Frogmore, South Carolina is home to the Land’s End Light, a mysterious, glowing orb that has frightened residents for generations. Here’s the story behind this infamous illumination.

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Are the Old Sheldon Church Ruins Haunted?

On Sunday, we visited the Old Sheldon Church ruins, a historic site located about 17 miles north of Beaufort, South Carolina.

As you can see from the photos, the site is quite beautiful, if not a little haunting. Built between 1745 – 1755, the church was originally a place of worship in Prince William’s Parish and was burned by two warring armies: the British army in 1799 and the federal army in 1865. The outer shell and a few brick pillars are all that remain of the once majestic structure.

Though the church ruins and surrounding cemetery seem perfect for ghosts, I could only find a handful of tales online. One story tells of two visitors who heard heavy footsteps in the grass even though no one else was around. A paranormal investigation team snapped “a photo of interest.” One woman reported bright lights flashing behind her car as she drove by the old church. The most well-known tale features a woman dressed in a simple brown dress standing over a baby’s grave. A feeling of sorrow reportedly comes over visitors who walk near the child’s tombstone.

Are the ruins haunted? Who knows. Has anyone out there had a paranormal experience at Old Sheldon Church?

UPDATE 7/18/14

A reader recently shared her experience at the Old Sheldon Church ruins:

old sheldon church graves“I Googled the Old Sheldon Church because I wanted to find out if anyone had ever seen anything and talked about it. What got me was that you have a photo of Ann Bull Heyward’s grave stone. I have been haunted with this for so long that I had to find out who she was. So, here is the story…

In October 2005, I was on my way from Charleston to Savannah and turned off Route 17 to go see the graveyard and ruins. This was 10 a.m. and I was wearing dark clothes. It was an Indian summer, and I felt a chill in the air, but it was still a gorgeous day.

Once there, I stood reading a head stone when I slowly looked up and saw a woman. Her right arm was resting on the top side of Anna Bull Heyward’s stone (above). She had on a pale blue Quaker bonnet which was resting slightly back because I could see her light brown hair which was parted in the middle. The rest of of the woman was behind the stone, so I don’t know what color her dress was.

I could not talk as I was sort of in shock. I was especially shocked that she allowed me to see her. I was with a guy friend who was off to the right at a distance, looking at other stones. I then heard her say ‘Go to him.’ She looked over at my friend and I turned my head away to follow her direction and saw him there.  I looked back at her, and she was still there. I did as she asked and have not seen her since.

I was not afraid, and this experience answered a lot of questions about a woman who allegedly watches over the grave of her child, assuming the story is true and the woman I saw is Ann Bull Heyward. The stone says she was 31-32 when she died.  This female I saw was about that age.”

UPDATE 10/14/2014

“I am so glad that I found this article! I grew up close to the church and always heard of strange things happening but never saw anything myself until a few years ago. I was taking pictures, and I tried to take a picture of Ann Bull Heyward’s gravestone. However, all l I could see was a green light coming out of the top of her stone, and the photo was completely blurry. I have never before or since seen anything that has given me such pause. Now I see that I am not the only one who has experienced a weird happening with Ann Bull Heyward!”

infant grave old sheldon church

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