More Top Ghost Pictures from Ghosts and Ghouls

real ghost picture

This week, someone was kind enough to submit the “Ghosts and Ghouls’ Top 10 Ghost Pictures” post to Reddit.com. If you’re not familiar with Reddit or the r/Ghosts and r/Paranormal sections, you should definitely give them a look! In any case, the new interest has inspired me to list 10 more of Ghosts and Ghouls’ top ghost pictures. Do any send a chill down your spine?

The Lady Lurker
Shot in Japan, this video still shows a horrifying woman lurking behind a pillar.

The Ghost of 432 Abercorn Street
This photo shows what appears to be a forlorn-looking child staring out the window of Savannah’s famously haunted 432 Abercorn Street.

The Unexpected Wedding Guests
Did this couple’s family attend the wedding from beyond the grave, or is it merely a case of double exposure?

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Ghosts and Ghouls’ Top 10 Ghost Pictures

ghost photo tulip staircase

Since I’m in a list-making kind of mood, here are Ghosts and Ghouls’ Top 10 ghost pictures (in terms of views). A few of the photos are a bit suspect, but others are intriguing. Which pic do you find most convincing?

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Shadow Man on the Beach

shadow man beach

Taken at Jacksonville Beach in June 2006, this pic from GhostStudy.com shows a shadowy figure near the water. According to the original submitter, there was no one else on the beach at the time of the photo.

The Jacksonville figure reminded me of shadow people stories in Harbor Island, SC and Tybee Island, GA. There’s also a legend in Charleston, SC about a Gray Man who warns residents of impending danger. Could the sightings somehow be related?

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Creepy Photo of the Day: The Tulip Staircase Ghost

ghost picture tulip staircase

Taken in 1966, this famous ghost photo shows a shrouded figure clinging to the Tulip Staircase in England’s National Maritime Museum. As with many ghostly photos, “experts from Kodak” reportedly examined the picture and found no evidence of tampering. What do you think? Real or fake?

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