The Buford House Haunting

tombstone arizona's buford house

Despite what traditional ghost tales might suggest, not all lovesick ghosts are women. The heartbroken spirit of a scorned male reportedly haunts the historic Buford House in Tombstone, Arizona.

Located at 113 East Safford Street, the Buford House once operated as a bed and breakfast. Two sheriffs, a mayor, and a state senator have reportedly slumbered inside the home’s historic walls, as did the legendary actor John Wayne. The home is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, though the history of the Buford House is far from pleasant.

The Tragic Tale of George Daves and Petra

Legend has it that a man named George Daves once lived at the Tombstone home, across the street from a lovely young girl named Cleopatra Edmunds, or Petra for short. George and Petra were childhood friends, but their innocent relationship eventually blossomed into something more and the two made plans to get married.

Driven by love and ambition, George toiled away in distant silver mine. The grueling work kept him away from Tombstone, and Petra, for months at a time, but George didn’t mind the temporary separation. Soon he would have enough money to marry his sweetheart and support a family. However, these happy dreams soon went up in gun smoke.

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