Reader Submission: Camp Terror

twilight forest

This story was originally published on June 5, 2013

“This happened when I was a camp counselor and canoe instructor at a kids’ camp in central Ontario, Canada in the late 80’s. A couple of things to know about me: I am a very experienced outdoorsman, and I don’t scare easily. Even at the time that this story took place, although I was only 17, I’d already spent many nights alone in the wilderness. I know what sounds the woods make and what animals do what. What we experienced was none of the above.

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Reader Submission: Hairy Hands


“In my late teens and early twenties, several other people and myself saw weird, hairy, monkey-like hands, or paws, or whatever you want to call them, scrabbling beneath the space between the floor and the bottom of the door that led down to the basement of our family home.

We lived in North Battleford Saskatchewan at the time…definitely not a tropical area as Saskatchewan is smack in the middle of Canada and our winters are long and freezing. It is a small prairie city without zoos of any kind. This phenomenon was seen on more than one occasion and always witnessed by several others.

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Reader Submission: Haunted Farmstead


“My cousin lived in an old farmhouse in the 80’s near a small prairie town called Elstow in Saskatchewan. Her father owned and operated the hotel there during that time although it no longer exists today.

My cousin was going to bartend at the hotel beverage room while her husband worked in Saskatoon, about 40 miles away. They could not believe their good luck when they found the place for rent at such a cheap price. It was an old house, but not decayed like it is today. The farmstead was situated perhaps a half mile from the highway, and then maybe another mile from the hotel, but it was very isolated with absolutely no neighbors in view.

After moving in, my cousin heard footsteps on the stairway or downstairs and at times would smell the scent of oranges in the kitchen. Her husband was away a lot doing shift work, and she was becoming increasingly uncomfortable living in that house.

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Ghost Photo: The Man in the Rig

ghost pic

The story behind this pic, taken in Alberta, Canada, is that the oil rig was empty at the time of the photo but that a man had died there recently. Do you see the ghost?

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