Ghost Photo: Canterbury Cathedral Ghost?

ghost photo canterbury

A reader writes:

“I was recently looking over some photos I had taken back in 2011 of Canterbury Cathedral and surrounding precincts and was disappointed at how dark they were, so I decided to apply the ‘autofix’ function of Windows Photo Gallery to see if they would lighten up anymore. 

I was then quite surprised at what I saw in one photograph in particular. I’ve attached the original unaltered photograph, the ‘autofixed’ version, and a zoom into the area of interest

Apparently, there is a ‘legend’ of a bricked-up nun that haunts the area in the vicinity of the cloisters, but a ghostly monk has also been seen flitting around there – do you think it looks male or female? I can’t decide!”

ghost canterbury cathedral

Original photo

haunted canterbury

Autofix photo

haunted canterbury cathedral

Zoomed photo

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Ghost Picture of the Day: Spirit at the Christening

ghost photo

This ghostly image, which appeared in the U.K.’s Mirror last December, reportedly shows a man’s ghost at a christening in Canterbury, England. According to Heather Sewell, grandmother of the christened child, the spirit bears a striking resemblance to her late husband Terry.

“I couldn’t believe the likeness to my Terry and was completely amazed to see him at the christening,” Sewell told the Mirror. “It knocked me back when I saw the picture. It looks so much like him. It was actually a bit upsetting to see his face. I tried to convince myself it was not Terry but it is so convincing that I believe it is.”

What do you think? Is the thing in the photo a ghost or a ghost app fake?

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