Reader Submission: The Angel Statue

statue of angel
“Butte, Montana is on of the oldest mining towns in the nation and also has the largest historic district in the U.S. My story starts when I was in high school. I had insomnia and so did one of the girls I hung out with. We would drive around town and chat and look for random places to go. One night, we decided to go drive around the three cemeteries in town.

We drove into one cemetery which has a big statue in the middle of a roundabout. It was about 3:30 a.m. which is supposed to be the witching hour, a fact I didn’t realize until later. As we drove around the statue, she looked up and said “Why would they put a gargoyle in the cemetery?” It looked like an angel to me, so I pointed my headlights toward the statue and pointed out the big angel wings. She agreed it was an angel and we left.

About two hours later, we decided to go back through the cemetery. We pulled through and stared at the statue as we get closer. The only problem was that it wasn’t an angel or a gargoyle anymore. It was now the statue that everyone sees today – Jesus on the cross with a few disciples underneath. We got out and inspected the statue and it had definitely not been replaced in that time. I have only heard one person talk about the angel statue and it was years later, while I was working in a fitness club close to the cemetery. A customer came in and asked about the angel statue and how long it had been there.

My story is true and I would invite anyone reading to visit Butte and check out some of the historical places.”

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